Short-term Programs

Short-term Programs

Japan in Today’s World (JTW)

Comprehensive living/learning program for international students offering a rigorous, stimulating English-based undergraduate Japanese studies curriculum and rich opportunity for cross-cultural experience.
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Japanese Language and Culture Courses (JLCC)

The 12-month Japanese Language and Culture Course (JLCC) program provides advanced language training, supervised research opportunities, and courses taught in Japanese to undergraduate international students (typically government-sponsored) specializing in the study of Japanese language and culture.

Summer in Japan (SIJ)

Summer program taught in English for undergraduate students of any major who are currently enrolled in foreign universities.
An intensive Japanese language course and an introduction to Japanese studies course are provided.


ASEAN in Today's World (AsTW)

A two-week international study program focusing on ASEAN and East Asian affairs.
It is designed for university students from around the world.

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