5th Solid-state Chemistry & Ionics (SCI) workshop, September 10~13, 2018

Lectures, etc. Off Campus Applications not open yet

Solid-state chemistry and solid-state ionics are the fields dealing with the breadth of advanced energy technologies such as lithium ion batteries, solid oxide fuel cells, electrolyzers, sensors, catalysts, photocatalysts, and so on. Fundamental understanding of the structure-chemical bonding-property relationship is the heart of the fields. Discovery of new compound always fascinated chemists and scientists, which brought tremendous advances in energy technologies. LiFePO4 for Li-ion battery is a great example. Although the activities accelerate in both fields, it is getting difficult to cover progress in both fields. To address the situation, we started this workshop. Each workshop focuses on a specific theme covered by specialists in the fields.

Target Current students and Staffs(在学生・教職員向け)
Dates 2018.09.10 [Mon] 00:00 ~ 2018.09.13 [Mon] 00:00
Venue Off Campus
Venue name Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza
Venue address


2-16-23 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
Seating capacity No(なし)
Participation fee Not free of charge    ※ Please note that fees will differ depending on the date of registration, and on whether or not the applicant is a member of NPO.
Event details 【Schedule】
Date: September 10(Mon) ~13(Thu), 2018
Place: Nishijin Plaza, Fukuoka, Japan
Organization: Solid-state Chemisty & Ionics (SCI)
Co-organization: Kyushu University Platform of Inter-/Transdisciplinary Energy
    Research (Q-PIT)
Chairs: Yoshihiro Yamazaki, Kyushu University and Hiroshi Kageyama, Kyoto
Local organizer vice-chair: Junji Hyodo, Kyushu University
Support: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Innovative area
    "Mixed anion"

【Confirmed invited speakers】:
Prof. Joachim Maier, Max Planck Institute, Germany: ionics, batteries
Prof. Hideo Hosono, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan: functional oxides, catalysts
Prof. Kazunari Domen, University of Tokyo, Japan: solar fuels, photocatalysts
Prof. William Chueh, Stanford University, USA: solar fuels, batteries
Prof. Ram Seshadri, UC Santa Barbara, USA: solid-state chemistry
Prof. Aron Walsh, Imperial College London, UK: simulation, materials informatics
Prof. Zenji Hiroi, University of Tokyo, Japan: superconductors
Prof. Manfred Martin, RWTH Aachen University, Germany: ionics
Prof. Shu Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan: ionics
Application method Advanced registration required(事前申し込みの必要あり)
※【Important dates】
June 30: Workshop application site closes
July 9 : Acceptance notification
July 31: Reduced registration fee payment ends
July 31: Abstract submission closes
Application period 2017.04.17[Mon] - 2017.04.25[Tue]

Name: Junji Hyodo
Mail: sci-5★
Please change ★ to @.

Publishing period 2018.06.12[Tue] - 2018.09.14[Fri]
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