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Kyushu Debate Open (QDO) is the only international debate tournament of British Parliamentary style in Japan. This tournament attracts many participants from all over the world every year and has been supported by a lot of public authorities since 2014.

Poverty, Health, Education, Gender Equality, Economic Growth, International Relationships…… Tons of problems now confronts us over the world. However, in our daily life, we rarely have opportunities to discuss and deal with the problems.

This year, QDO commits to “SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals), which was proposed by the UN to alleviate poverty and achieve a sustainable developed world. The agenda for SDGs consists of 17 goals/169 targets and pledge “No One is Left Behind” through the activities.

QDO committee promotes the SDGs by providing future global leaders with opportunities to discuss how we should tackle current problems in order to achieve SDGs.
As well as taking various actions by ourselves for SDGs including debating on issues related to SDGs, conducting education program related to SDGs in local junior/senior high schools, reducing the waste of food in QDO etc…

Target General(一般向け)、High school students(高校生向け)、Current students and Staffs(在学生・教職員向け)
Dates 2018.08.18 [Sat] 08:30 ~ 2018.08.19 [Sat] 18:30
Venue Ito Campus
Venue name Center 1 (※Opening Room: 1302,1303)
Venue address


744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan 819-0395
Seating capacity No(なし)    ※ You can watch the rounds in QDO as an observer. Please come to “Center 1(Opening Room:1302,1303)” without any application on 18th and 19th August. And please note that we already closed the application to take part in this tournament as a Debater or a Judge.
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details 18th (Day1):Preliminary Rounds
Opening Ceremony 9:05-9:20
Round 1 9:20-11:50
Round 2 12:05-14:35
Round 3 14:50-17:20
Round 4 17:35-19:05
Break Night 19:20-21:20

19th (Day2):Final Rounds
Pre-Quarter Final 8:30-10:00
Quarter Final and Rookie Semi Final 10:45-12:15
Performance and Lunch 12:15-13:15
Semi Final and Rookie Grand Final 13:15-15:00
Grand Final 15:45-17:00
Closing Ceremony 17:40-18:30
Application method No advanced registration required(事前申し込み不要)
Application period 1970.01.01[Thu]

Name: Kyushu Debate Open 2018 実行委員会
Mail: debate★
Please change ★ to @.

Publishing period 2018.07.23[Mon] - 2018.08.19[Sun]
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