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Library Workshop Nov. 2019: Reference Management by Mendeley


Where is the PDF? No time left to write citations!
Mendeley will help you avoid such troubles. 

The Kyushu University Library holds a workshop for researchers to learn how to use the Mendeley reference management software.

The software will save you time when organizing research papers and formatting references.

This workshop will be helpful for novice researchers. We welcome everyone from Kyushu University.

Kyushu University Library 

All Kyushu University Members
 - Faculty Members
 - Graduate Students
 - Undergraduate Students
 - Research Students 

<Mendeley in English>(60 min.)
 - Add article PDFs into Mendeley
 - Organize your documents
 - Read, highlight, and annotate
 - Generate citations
 - Sync references between desktop and web 

 Please bring your own laptop with the Mendeley software installed.
 This is a hands-on training-style workshop. Please read the "Before the workshop" section carefully.

 [Date & Venue]
<Central Lib>4F, Cute. Commons
11.22 Fri. 14:50-15:50

<Chikushi Campus>E-learning Space, C-Cube 2F
11.27 Wed. 16:10-17:10

<SciTech Lib>2F, Internet Salon
11.29 Fri. 15:00-16:00 

Please apply by the reservation form on the web page below.

[Before the workshop]
Bring your own laptop to the workshop.
The laptop has to meet the following requirements in advance.

1. Wi-Fi network
Setup access to the university Wi-Fi network on your laptop in advance so that you can connect to the internet smoothly during the workshop.
"edunet." ( - English manuals are in the bottom of the page.)
"kitenet." ( - English manuals are in the left panel of the page.) 

2. Account and Software
Create a Mendeley account on the Mendeley website ( and install the software on your laptop in advance.

3. PDF files
Download more than 2 journal articles in PDF format on the desktop of your laptop in advance. 

We also hold a seminar in Japanese. For more details, please see the site below.


Learning and Research Support Section, Kyushu University Library
TEL: 092-802-2483
Mail: toesupport★
Please replace ★ with @

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