Kyushu University


International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Reseach (I2CNER)

   ※World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) [Link]

Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation [Link]

International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy [Link]

Research Institute for East Asia Environments [Link]

Exploratry Research for Advanced Technology(ERATO) [Link]

Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research(OPERA) [Link]

Institute of Mathematics for Industry(IMI) [Link]

Global COE Program

     Asian Conservation Ecology [Link]
     Education and Research Hub for Mathematics-for-Industry [Link]
     Novel Carbon Resource Sciences [Link]
     Cell-rate Decision Function and Dysfunction in Homeostasis [Link]
     Science for Future Molecular Systems [Link]

Research Superstar Support Program [Link]
Academic Staff, Educational and Research Activities Database [Link]