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 The history of Kyushu University dates back to 1903 when Fukuoka Medical College was established as the foundation of Kyushu Imperial University. (The college was legally attached to Kyoto Imperial University at that time). In 1911, Kyushu Imperial University, along with the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering, were established.

 Since then various reforms have been made to the higher education system in Japan, such as the introduction of a new educational format after World War II and the reorganization of national universities to University Corporations in 2004.

 The total number of students currently amounts to 18,765, while the faculty members number 2,186. International exchange programs are also greatly encouraged at Kyushu University. With this in mind, the university accepts many overseas students each year. At present there are more than 1,700 international students from about eighty countries studying here.

Chronological Outline
Apr. 1903 Fukuoka Medical College established, which later became the foundation of Kyushu Imperial University
Jan. 1911 Kyushu Imperial University founded College of Engineering
Apr. 1911 College of Medicine
Apr. 1919 College of Medicine reorganized as the Faculty of Medicine
College of Engineering reorganized as the Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Agriculture
May. 1922 University Library
Sep. 1924 Faculty of Law and Letters (continued until 1949)
Oct. 1931 Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics (continued until 1982)
Apr. 1939 Faculty of Sciences
Jan. 1942 Institute of Fluid Engineering (continued until 1951)
Jan. 1943 Institute of Elasticity Engineering (continued until 1951)
Oct. 1947 Name of University changed from Kyushu Imperial
University to Kyushu University
Apr. 1949 Faculties of Letters, Law, and Economics
May 1949

Faculty of Education
Reorganized under the new School Education Law to comprise:
8 Faculties: Letters, Education, Law, Economics,Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture
5 Research Institutes: Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics, Institute of Fluid Engineering,
Institute of Elasticity Engineering, Research Institute of Industry and Labor (continued until 1979),
Research Institute of Industrial Science (continued until 1987)
University Library
Schools incorporated: Fukuoka Higher School (continued until 1950),
Kurume Technical College (continued until 1951)

Jul. 1949 Three branch schools for two-year general education founded (continued until 1963)
Apr. 1951 Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
Apr. 1953 Graduate School established with the Divisions of Letters, Education, Law, Economics, Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering and Agriculture
Apr. 1955 Graduate School Division of Medical Sciences
May 1961 Training Institute for Engineering Teachers (continued until 1969)
May 1962 University Computation Center (continued until 2000)
Apr. 1963 College of General Education (continued until 1994)
Apr. 1964 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Apr. 1966 Biotron Institute
Jun. 1967 University Health Center (continued until 1978)
Faculty of Dentistry
Apr. 1969 Computer Center (continued until 2000)
Apr. 1971 School of Health Sciences (continued until 2002)
Apr. 1974 Graduate School Division of Dental Science
Apr. 1975 Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Dec. 1975 Research Laboratory for High Voltage Electron
Apr. 1977 Educational Center for Information Processing (continued until 2000)
Apr. 1978 Institute of Health Science
Apr. 1979 Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences
Research Center for Coal Mining Materials (continued until 2004)
Apr. 1980 Radioisotope Center
Apr. 1982 Medical Institute of Bioregulation
Center of Advanced Instrumental Analysis
Oct. 1982 Laboratory for Waste Water Treatment
Apr. 1985 Institute of Genetic Information (continued until 2001)
Education Center for Foreign Students (continued until 1992)
May 1987 Institute of Advanced Material Study (continued until 2003)
May 1988 Institute of Languages and Cultures
Sep. 1989 Natural Disaster Information Center of Western Japan
Mar. 1990 Institute for Ionized Gas and Laser Research
Apr. 1992 The International Student Center
Dec. 1992 Kyushu University Archives (continued until 2004)
Apr. 1993 Institute for Fundamental Research of Organic
Chemistry (continued until 2003)
Jan. 1994 KITE Network Operation Center (continued until 2000)
Apr. 1994 Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies
Graduate School of Mathematics
Jun. 1994 Research Center for Higher Education (continued until 2003)
Advanced Science and Technology Center for Cooperative
Research (continued until 2003)
Oct. 1995 Institute for Irradiation and Analysis of Quantum Radiations
Apr. 1996 Venture Business Laboratory
Apr. 1998 Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies
Apr. 1999 Admission Center
Dec. 1999 Research Center for Korean Studies (continued until 2002)
Apr. 2000 Computing and Communications Center
The Kyushu University Museum
Oct. 2000 Kyushu University Asia Research Organization (continued until 2005)
Apr. 2001 System LSI Research Center
Apr. 2002 Space Environment Research Center
Research Center For Korean Studies (Reorganized)
Apr. 2003 Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences
Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
Research Center for Education in Health Care System
Research and Development Center for Higher Education (continued until 2006)
Research Institute of Superconductor Science and System (RISS)
Oct. 2003 Kyushu University integrated with Kyushu Institute of Design
Graduate School of Design/Faculty of Design/School of Design
Kansei Center for Arts and Science
Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research
Three hospitals attached to the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry and Medical Institute of Bioregulation were integrated into Kyushu University Hospital
Apr. 2004 Law School (Professional Graduate School)
Kyushu University Archives (Reorganized)
Hydrogen Technology Research Center
Apr. 2005 The Center for Future Chemistry
Bio-Architecture Center
Research Center for Steel
Jul. 2005 Digital Medicine Initiative
Asia Center
Apr. 2006 Low Temperature Center
Jun. 2006 Center for Research and Advancement in Higher Education (continued until 2011)
Apr. 2007

Mathmatical Research Center for Industrial Technology

Center for Accelerator and Beam Applied Science

Apr.2009 Guraduate School of Integrated Frontier Science
Jul.2009 Research Center for Synchrotron Light Applications

Incubation Center for Advanced Medical Science (ICAMS)

International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy (Renamed)

Oct. 2009

International Education Center
Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulence

Nov. 2009

International Education Center

Apr. 2010

Material Management Center
International Research Center for Molecular Systems
Center for Environment and Safety (Renamed)
Center for Future Chemistry (Reorganized)
Bio-Architecture Center (Reorganized)
Research Center for Steel (Reorganized)

Aug. 2010

Center for Japan-Egypt Cooperation in Science and Technology

Sep. 2010

Center for applied Perceptual Research

Oct. 2010

Center of Plasma Nano-interface Engineering
Center for Advanced Medical Innovation

Dec. 2010

EU Center (EUIJ-Kyushu)
Research Center for Advanced Immunology
Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center (Reorganized and renamed)

Apr. 2011

Institute of Mathematics for Industry (Recognized)
International Legal Office

May. 2011

Center for Asian Conservation Ecology

Jun. 2011 Human Proteome Research Center
Jul. 2011 Research Center for Advanced Information and Communication Technology Education
Aug. 2011 Center for Advanced Research in Drug Creation
Oct. 2011

Faculty of Arts and Science

Yunus& Shiiki Social Business Center

Jan. 2012

Next-Generation Fuel Cell Research Center

Synthetic Systems Biology Research Center

Apr. 2012

Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research

Center for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies

Oct. 2012

Research Center for Advanced Particle Physics
Functional Food Design Research Center