The Politics of War-related Heritage in Contemporary Asia (International Symposium)

講演会等 キャンパス外 申込受付不要

More than 70 years on, arguments over how to handle the heritage of the Asia-Pacific War still provoke intense controversy both within Japan and across the East Asian region. While much research has analysed controversies surrounding the narration of the war in school curricula, this symposium focuses on the treatment of ‘war as heritage’. Papers discuss what is (or is not) officially or publicly commemorated, and why, and at how particular places or documents related to the war have come to be designated as heritage. As well as discussing the interpretation of the heritage or memory of war in museums, memorials and other publicly-curated sites, the presenters also discuss the role of grass-roots civil society movements in advocating different perspectives on past conflict. This symposium builds on an ongoing interdisciplinary project on the politics of war memory in Asian societies – the WARMAP project – led by Dr. Mark Frost of University of Essex, Prof. Edward Vickers of Kyushu University and Prof. Tim Winter of The University of Western Australia. It is held with support from The Resona Asia-Oceania Foundation, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Kyushu University’s Progress 100 Program.

対象 一般向け、在学生・教職員向け
開催日時 2019.09.05 (木) 09:00 ~ 2019.09.06 (金) 16:30
開催場所 キャンパス外
会場名 九州大学 西新プラザ


〒814-0002 福岡市早良区西新2-16-23
定員 先着   100名    ※ For the main symposium, there is no limit on attendance (besides the capacity of the venue - about 180). But just for the film show on the evening of September 5, attendance will be limited to 100.
参加費 無料
イベント詳細 Presenters include eminent scholars from across East Asia and beyond (for more details see the symposium programme: Six themed sessions will address different aspects of the politics of war-related heritage across Asia. One of these sessions (on September 5) will be devoted to the politics of the ‘comfort women’ issue, and will feature discussion between scholars from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. This session will be followed by a special showing of the film ‘Shusenjo: the Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue’, and a discussion with the director, Miki Dezaki.
申込方法 事前申し込み不要
申込受付期間 2019.08.03 (土) - 2019.09.04 (水)
※Attendance at the symposium is open and free. There is no need to pre-register.

担当:Edward VICKERS

住所:E-A-401, Kyushu University, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, JAPAN
公開期間 2019.08.03 (土) - 2019.09.06 (金)

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