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About the Admission Center

Kyushu University established its Admission Center, staffed by teaching and clerical staff that specialize in new student selection, in 1999 in order to cultivate graduates who can flourish in the world of the 21st century. Since the entrance examinations of the year 2000 the University has also been implementing their Admission Office exam (AO exam), a first for a national university.
The Kyushu University AO exam was created to comprehensively evaluate the abilities of prospective students. Taking not only the superficial scholastic abilities of students into account, this exam is also a means to select students based on a comprehensive evaluation of personal attributes and ambition and students who conform to the qualities (admissions policy) demanded by each department.
Furthermore, since 2001, we have also begun "The 21st Century Program", a brand new education program that transverses all departments in order to raise "highly-specialized generalists", who are intellectuals in possession of leadership skills fit for a new century. The students in this program enroll in the university without choosing an undergraduate course and are instructed in a range of fields, whether they be arts or science-based, and graduate as a bachelor (arts & sciences) without choosing a course.

About the structure of the Admission Center

Though American admissions offices have a structure to select students who conform to their evaluation criteria without directly administering an entrance exam, the Admission Center at Kyushu University is not only the parent body that administers the AO exam, but was established in 1999 with a structure that aims to utilize teaching staff that specialize in entrance examinations to study and research a diverse range of selection means, and to apply those results onto prospective students.
At our Admission Center, both teaching staff from our Faculty of Arts and Science and personnel of the entrance exam section of the school affairs division work on our AO exam. In addition, they also provide enrollment information such as academic progression consultations and trial enrollments.



 Executive Vice President / Senior Vice President MARUNO, Shun-ichi

Faculty Member

 Professor                       Yoshikazu Sato (Also belongs to Faculty of Arts and Science)      

 Associate Professor         Yosuke Tatewaki (Also belongs to Faculty of Arts and Science)

 Associate Professor         Kazuhiro Yasunaga (Also belongs to Faculty of Arts and Science)

 Associate Professor         Keiko Ihaya

 Assistant Professor         Weng Wenjing


Enrollment Information / Academic Progression Consultations

At Kyushu University, the teaching staff at our Admission Office are on hand to offer admissions information and academic progression consultations by telephone, e-mail, and campus visits, so that prospective students may have a clear understanding of the various departments and undergraduate courses offered by our school and the means of student selection. For those who would like to take advantage of this information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
(As there is a limited number of staff that may offer this information, among other reasons, please apply for a consultation using the contact details below in advance.)

Inquiries / Contact
  Admission Section 3, Student Affairs Department Admission Division, Kyushu University
  Address: 744 Motoka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395 JAPAN
  Tel:+81- 92-802-2007, Fax:+81- 92-802-2008