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KIKAN education and majors

 Graduates of Kyushu University are expected to become leaders in their respective disciplines and be active in Asia and the world, contributing to the betterment of Japan and global society. People with global talent should have these skills:

  1. Deep expertise based on a rich education
  2. Ability to collaborate with those with other viewpoints, ways of thinking, and values
  3. A mutual respect for difference
  4. The ability to communicate clearly and be persuasive
  5. A macro view of events and the ability to interpret them
  6. The ability to think creatively and critically on the thoughts and actions of oneself and others
  7. The bold drive to attempt new challenges

The academic curriculum at Kyushu University consists of the KIKAN educational curriculum and courses in one's major. The synergy between these forms the basis for a project of lifelong learning, fostering students to become active learners with an ability to turn thought into action. The KIKAN educational curriculum gives students the skills and abilities necessary to develop a fertile and deep expertise in their given field and see and think about things in a way as to create new knowledge and solve unprecedented problems. The first year of academic study encourages students not to seek existing solutions to problems, but rather to independently identify issues and creatively and critically investigate and scrutinize them as they transition from high school to university style learning. In the advanced years of the curriculum, students expand and deepen their knowledge by further focusing on academic majors.

 For details on KIKAN education, please see the Faculty of Arts and Sciences web site at; for details on courses for each major, please see the respective web site for that faculty.

Index of courses
KIKAN education KIKAN education seminars - mixed departments  
Language and culture Language and culture: fundamentals
Language and culture: electives
Language and culture: classics
Literary disciplines
Scientific disciplines
Fitness and sports
General education
Advanced KIKAN education courses
Academic major courses  

Core places of study (*1)

 Kyushu University has four campuses divided by subject of study: Ito, Hakozaki, University Hospital, and Ohashi.
 All students study for their first year at the Ito Campus and in their second year and beyond transition to the campus of their department and faculty.

School (department) 1st year 2nd year and beyond
School of Letters, School of Education, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Engineering(Department of Architecture), School of Agriculture Ito Campus Hakozaki Campus(*2)
School of Medicine(Department of Medicine / Department of Biomedical Science), School of Dentistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ito Campus Hospital Campus
Department of Health Sciences , School of Medicine Ito Campus (4 days a week)
Hospital Campus(1day a week)
Hospital Campus
School of Design Ito Campus Ohashi Campus
School of Sciences , School of engineering (excludes Department of Architecture) Ito Campus Ito Campus
The 21st Century Program Ito Campus Ito Campus and campus corresponding to elective courses

*1 Note that the site of study for departmental courses differs depending on the status of that department’s plans to transition to the Ito Campus.

*2 Following the transition to the Ito Campus, that campus would serve as the place of learning every day.