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The Student Portal System is a service that sends notifications from the university, as well as lecture cancellations, etc., to mobile phones and computers.
There is an especially large amount of lecture cancellations and schedule changes when there is a natural disaster, such as a typhoon or earthquake, and this service enables you to obtain information even when off campus, so we hope you use it.

Important Notices

Students can log in using their individual ID, so guest user accounts have been discontinued.
Consequently, urgent notices, such as simultaneous lecture cancellations, will be posted at the top of the Student Portal log-in screen.


 The user ID and password that you use to log into the Student Portal System, is the same one that you use for the school affairs system (the system that you use for course registration, etc.).
If you wish to change your password, please do so from the education information services website. (Please see the address below for more information.)

About Logging Into The Student Portal System

   Mobile Phone:

    Please log in using your education information system user ID and password.

How To Use The Student Portal System

(Under preparation) We have prepared a user's manual for the Student Portal System, so please use it. 

Student Portal System Suggestion Box

We are seeking comments on the Student Portal System. If you have any suggestions on the system, which you feel will make it easier to use, etc., please let us know. Please send comments to the email address below.

Student Portal System FAQ

We are currently gathering various comments regarding the Student Portal System. Thank you all very much for your cooperation. We cannot respond to each and every comment individually, so we are planning to prepare a FAQ list that replies to several questions and comments that we have received. We will focus on those that we feel are particularly important. Thank you for your understanding.

  Student Portal System FAQ

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