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Course registration & grade review (for students)

The Faculty Web System (on-campus only) is here

Important notice

・The system will be unavailable during the following periods for server maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

<Scheduled service interruptions>
   (Weekly) Mon-Fri  17:00-9:00
   (Weekly) Sun 1:00 - 2:00

☆ ★ ☆ 【Notice】 About the suspension of the system in consecutive holidays such as New Year holidays ☆ ★ ☆
We will inform you that this system will stop operation for the following period.

【Stop period】

● New Year

  Dec 28th (Mon) 6:15pm, 2020-Jan 4th (Mon) 9:00am, 2021

● Holiday is four consecutive days or more

  May 1st (Fri) 6:15pm,2020-May 7th (Thu) 8:30am,2020
  Jul 22nd (Wed) 6:15pm,2020-Jul 27th (Mon) 8:30am,2020
  Sep 18th (Fri) 6:15pm,2020-Sep 23rd (Wed) 8:30am,2020

● Summer time absence

  Aug 12th (Wed) 6:15pm,2020-Aug 17th (Mon) 8:30am,2020

Web course registration & review, grade lookup

(Last updated on Mar.18)

Course registration methods differ according to the department. Please inquire at Student Services at the relevant department for details. 
 If you are unclear on any aspect of course registration, please contact Student Services at the relevant department.

Course registration period
 The 2020 course registration period is as follows.
 Please be sure to complete the prescribed procedures in the specified period of time.

*Please note that Academic Information System is not linked to Moodle system.

【Course application period】

Apr. 8th (THU) 9:00 am ~ Apr. 15th (THU) 5:00 pm

【Confirmation and modification period】

Apr. 22nd (THU) 9:00 am ~ Apr. 26th (MON) 5:00 pm

【Final confirmation and modification period】

May. 10th (MON) 9:00 am ~ May. 12th (WED) 5:00 pm
     * The deadline of final confirmation period differs by each department.
        Please contact student affairs office of your department.


Student Grade Access for Guardians

 Here at Kyushu University, student grade records are available for access by parents/guardians under the student’s consent. The purpose of this service is to encourage parents/guardians to support the overall academic progress of our students by staying connected with their learning progress.
*This service is offered for our undergraduate students, since 2010.


 Starting spring of 2020, student grade updates will no longer be provided via mail. Instead, student grade updates will be available online, on a designated website.

 Spring Semesters results → Uploaded in October

 Autum Semesters Results → Uploaded in April

*Students will be notified separately regarding password settings.


Student Grade Access by Parents/Guardians

 【Upload Period: April 1, 2021 ~ April 30, 2021】


・  User ID = Pa + Student I.D. Number (ex. Pa0X00000X)

・  The parental password is set by the student.
*It is assumed that in creating a password that the student has consented to the parental access of their grade records.   
*The University cannot provide any password information.

・  Access to grade records will not be available outside of the upload period (April/October).

・  Parental accounts are valid for 60 days after a student’s graduation. Please note that due to system limitation, parental password cannot be changed after a student has graduated.

・  If a parental password is lost, it is set by the student again.

・  For Grading Standards and the GPA System, please check here.

・  For inquiries regarding grades/curriculum, please contact the student’s Student Section under each undergraduate school.

・  If you are concerned about the student's willingness to study, or if you are concerned about a student’s psychological/mental aspects, please contact the Coordination Section of the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling at Kyushu University.

・  Parent/Guardian Specific Manual

・  Student Specific Manual


Accessing the campus affairs information system (Student Web System)

    scheduled system service interruptions, click here

  Accessing the Student Web System requires a PC with an internet connection.
 During the period specified by the appropriate department, click the button above, log in to the Student Web System, and review your courses.
 Please correct any course registration errors during the prescribed period.
 Also, lectures with specified courses may not be altered.

*System is unavailable Sundays from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and Mon.-Fri. 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for scheduled maintenance.

  • Changing your password
    Authentication via a user ID & password are required when accessing the Student Web System.

Overview of departments using web course registration

School Graduate School
School of Letters. Y Graduate School of Humanities N Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Y
School of Education Y Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society Y Graduate School of Engineering Y
School of Law Y Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies N Graduate School of Design Y
School of Economics Y Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies Y Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Y
School of Sciences Y Graduate School of Law Y Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences Y
School of Medicine(Department of Medicine / Department of Biomedical Science) Y Law School (Professional Graduate School) Y Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences Y
School of Medicine(Department of Health Sciences) Y Graduate School of Economics Y Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences Y
School of Dentistry Y Graduate School of Sciences Y  
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Y Graduate School of Sciences Y
School of Engineering Y Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences Y
School of Design Y Graduate School of Medical Sciences(Besides Department of Health Sciences) N
School of Agriculture Y Graduate School of Medical Sciences(Department of Health Sciences) Y
The 21st Century Program Y Graduate School of Dental Science N


  • Web browsers
    The following OSes and browsers are guaranteed compatibility with web classes.


Web browser

Internet Explorer 7 or later



Mac OS X (however, compatibility with Lion (10.7) is unconfirmed)

Web browser

Safari 5.1.2

PCs available for use on campus

For classrooms on campus equipped with PCs available for student use, click here.


About system

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