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Information on 2018 Fall Semester Tuition Fee Exemption application briefing session

The briefing session for 2018 Fall semester tuition fee exemption application  ended on 26th July.


Flow of exemption application procedure

(1)In order to apply smoothly via WEB, your application and the required documents must be pre-checked at the Support Division of your faculty. Fill out Pre-Check sheet (It can be downloaded from this page or visit the Support Division of your faculty) and all the documents ready. After that, get a pre-check.

 (2)Please visit [Kyushu University Enrollment Fee Exemption and Deferment application system/Tuition Fee Exemptionapplication system] from the link on the lower right after logging in to the student portal system []  and you will make a primary application(Step1,Registration)

 (3)You will make a secondary application (Step2 ,Application and submission of required documents) to the student division of your faculty (Hakozaki campus is student support division of Hakozaki) or career and scholarship support division of Ito campus.

    * Once the Step2 application is completed, you will be considered as an exemption applicant and the payment of the enrollment fee and tuition fee will be deferred until the screening result is announced. (Application for exemption will not be completed by only Step1 applications)However, even if the Step2 application is completed, exemption application may be canceled if there is no response to the division. We might contact you about missing documents etc. Please be sure to check your e-mails frequently.

  ** Application must be submitted by the deadline. Please be strict.

*** Please use your PC to log in. Smartphones are not accessible to this website.

1.Current students

※ The schedule for acceptance of fall semester exemption application for the current students is as follows. 

 ・Application contents pre-check 

   July 30(Mon)-August 31(Fri) (excluding 8/13-15,Saturdays, Sundays and holiday)


 August 1(Wed)-September 10(Mon)

・Step2 (Application and submission of required documents)             

 August 1 (Wed)-September 11(Tue) (excluding 8/13-15,Saturdays, Sundays and holiday)

★Please check the window reception hours with the bulletin of each district.★

2. Students who enrolled or transfer in October, 2018

※ Schedule of application for exemption application for October enrollees is as follows(Doctoral students going on to graduate school as well).Please check the enclosed document at the time of enrollment procedure for details.

・ During admission enrollment procedure period


  “Enrollment Fee Exemption(Deferment) Application”

  “Tuition Fee Exemption Application”

・Application contents pre-check 

  October 1(Mon)- 5(Fri)    


 October 4 (Thu)- 18(Thu)

・Step2 (Application and submission of required documents)              

 October 4(Thu)-19(Fri)excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holiday)

★If you do not submit an exemption application at the enrollment procedure period, the subsequent application will be invalid.★


3.Guidebook of application · Operation manual · Pre-check sheet · Forms

Please carefully read the "guidebook" and "application system operation manual" for the documents necessary for application and how to operate the application system, pay attention to the input / submission period, please make sure there are no oversight in the procedure.

≪Guidebook of application ≫ 2018.8.8 update

・2018 Guide-book of Enrollment Fee Exemption and Deferment /Tuition Fee Exemption Applications

★Students who have applied for exemption application before 2017 should read the following information carefully. There are some changes in application contents since 2018.

・For those who have applied for exemption application before 2017 

≪Operation manual ≫ 2018.7.20 update

・Enrollment Fee Exemption and Deferment Application System/Tuition Fee Exemption Application System Operation Manual 

≪Pre-check sheet≫ 2018.7.20 update

・2018Tuition Fee Exemption Application contents pre-check sheet(For international students )

・2018Tuition Fee Exemption Application contents pre-check sheet(For international students who earn more than a certain amount)

 → Refer to the guidebook/ manual for income standards.


Please download and use various forms required for application from the following. 

 2018.7.20 update

(Form1)Self-supporting international student Budget report  

 ※Notes is here   

(Form2) Income (expected) certificate
(Form5-1) Certificate of enrollment of siblings
(Form5-2)Certificate of enrollment of siblings(For Vocational school)

(Form11-2)(front)Statement of reasons for those who have repeated a year a year

(Form11-2)(back)Statement of reasons for those who have repeated a year a year

Pasting base paper

 [Reference] The following is free form, but sample is available so please use.

 ・Room sharing petition

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