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This is a campus premier of a documentary film that features a national championship of competitive debating in the USA: "Debate Team: America Loves a Winner and Will Not Tolerate a Loser" with commentaries on debating, language and culture associated with this particular style of communication.

Target General(一般向け)、High school students(高校生向け)、Current students and Staffs(在学生・教職員向け)
Dates 2018.12.19 [Wed] 16:40 ~ 2018.12.19 [Wed] 18:40
Venue Ito Campus
Venue name Center Zone Room 2201
Venue address


744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan 819-0395
Seating capacity In order of arrival(先着)   100People
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details 16:40. Introduction to "Competitive Debating"
16:50. "Debate Team" (no subtitle)
18:20. Commentaries and Q&A

<<About the Movie>>
"Debate Team" is a documentary exploring the weird subculture of competitive college debate. Competitors battle at 360 words per minute, hauling around mountains of evidence called “cards” and nearly every debate ends in global nuclear annihilation.
In 2005, some 200 teams converged on San Francisco State to compete in the National Championship. The documentary follows four teams, from Michigan State, Harvard, West Georgia, and Berkeley in their quest for the national title. What emerges is not simply a chronicle of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but a more disturbing examination into the nature of competition itself and the American fetish with championships and champions.
(from the back cover of the DVD)
More info at the official site:
Application method No advanced registration required(事前申し込み不要)
Application period 1970.01.01[Thu]

Name: FLC Debate Education
TEL: 092-802-5747
Mail: debate★
Please change ★ to @.

Publishing period 2018.12.07[Fri] - 2019.01.20[Sun]
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