[Library Workshop] How to Search for Academic Papers

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"How can I find this article?"
"Too many papers... Which should I start to read?"
Searching academic papers is an essential part of research.
However, we often encounter some trouble while searching.

Kyushu University library holds a workshop "How to Search for Academic Papers" in October and November.
You can learn a wide range of searching techniques from searching library holdings by the online catalog to searching more significant articles by database.

Every faculty member and every student of Kyushu University, including undergraduate, graduate, and research students, can participate in the workshop.

We are looking forward to your attendance.

Target Current students and Staffs
Dates 2019.10.23 [Wed] 16:10 ~ 2019.11.01 [Wed] 13:00
Venue Ito Campus、Chikushi Campus
Venue name Cute.Commons, Central Library 4F, etc.
Venue address
Seating capacity No
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details 【Target】Students and faculty members of Kyushu University
【Host】Kyushu University Library

 How to Search for Academic Papers (90 min.)
- Search for the Library holdings
- Search for journal articles
- Tips to search more effectively
- Search for all academic contents
- Tools to use: Kyushu University Collection/ Scopus/ Web of Science/ Google Scholar/ World Contents

【Schedule & Venue】
[Central Library]
November 1st, Friday 13:00 - 14:30
Cute.Commons, Central Library 4F

[SciTech Library]
October 30th, Wednesday 14:50 - 16:20
Internet Salon, SciTech Library 2F

[Chikushi Campus]
October 23rd, Wednesday 16:10 - 17:40
E-Learning Space, C-Cube 2F

Reservation is required. Apply by the following form.

We also hold a seminar in Japanese. For details, please see the site below.

【Before the workshop】
Remember to bring your own laptop and setup the university Wi-Fi network in advance.
If you have trouble with connecting to Wi-Fi, please come earlier. The staff will be happy to help you.
Application method Advanced registration required
※You can make reservation by the web form shown above.
Application period 2019.10.01[Tue] - 2019.11.01[Fri]

Name: Learning and Research Support Section, Kyushu University Library
TEL: 092-802-2483
Mail: toesupport★
Please replace ★ with @

Publishing period 2019.10.07[Mon] - 2019.11.01[Fri]
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