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2023.03.22 Research ResultsLife & Health
The single protein that causes the fibrosis death spiral
Scientists find VGLL3, a mechanosensitive protein from myofibroblasts, leads to fibrosis in multiple organs
2023.03.09 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryTechnology
A safe synthesis of hydrogen peroxide inspired by nature
A new homogeneous catalyst enables the safe and direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
2023.03.02 Features
Sociological Solution to the Super-Aged Society
Japan is at the forefront of a super-aging society. An "aging society" should be a social success. However, more and more people think that it is a failure because the burden of medical care and welfare. Isn't this a "spell" that makes us think so? We need “sociological imagination” to transcend these views.
2023.02.07 Features
Green Infrastructure
Building Social Common Capital with the Natural Environment
2023.02.03 Research ResultsHumanities & Social SciencesEnvironment & Sustainability
The spillover effects of rising energy prices following 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
2023.01.28 Research ResultsLife & Health
Measles virus 'cooperates' with itself to cause fatal encephalitis
Researchers find a new mechanism for how the measles virus can cause a rare but fatal neurological disorder, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
2023.01.12 Research ResultsTechnology
An ecofriendly way to convert blue light into UVB
Researchers from Japan and Germany develop a new sustainable way to upconvert blue LED light to UVB
2022.12.21 Research ResultsLife & Health
Evening hot spring soaks lower cases of hypertension in older Japanese adults
Researchers from Kyushu U's Beppu Hospital find that bathing in Japanese 'onsen' in the evenings lowers prevalence of hypertension in Japanese adults over 65
2022.12.20 Features
Scholar Creator: Academic knowledge informs creative works
Prof Britton Brooks experiences have informed the trajectory of his research: the realization that everything is interconnected
2022.12.08 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryTechnology
Small solar flares in large laser bodies
Researchers use high-powered lasers to make small solar flares to study magnetic reconnection
2022.11.30 Research ResultsLife & Health
Toward early detection of pathological social withdrawal, Hikikomori
Researchers develop a questionnaire that may identify hikikomori in its early stages
2022.10.25 Research ResultsTechnology
3D flora and fauna at your fingertips
Repository of over 1,400 highly detailed 3D models of animals and plants captured with ‘Bio-photogrammetry’ publicly available
2022.10.18 Features
In the wake of fire, authenticity in the spotlight: Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and Shuri-jô Castle
The fire in the heart of Europe provided a breakthrough in the discussion of authenticity of cultural heritage after traumatic events
2022.10.14 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryTechnologyEnvironment & Sustainability
Scientists count electric charges in a single catalyst nanoparticle down to the electron
Tenfold improvement in the sensitivity of electron holography reveals the net charge in a single platinum nanoparticle with a precision of just one electron, providing fundamental information for developing future catalysts
2022.09.09 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryMaterialsTechnologyEnvironment & Sustainability
A little strain goes a long way in reducing fuel cell performance
Small changes in crystal structure at the interface between materials in ceramic fuel cells linked to drastic changes in conductivity that must be overcome to improve performance
2022.08.26 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryMaterialsTechnology
Small molecules, giant (surface) potential
Researchers create organic molecules that spontaneously align on a surface to generate controlled electric fields that could improve OLED performance and lead to new devices
2022.08.26 Features
Indigenous dancers in blue jeans
Discovery of oil, Indigenous dance, and two different paths to tradition taken in Alaska
2022.08.24 Research ResultsHumanities & Social SciencesTechnologyEnvironment & Sustainability
Digging through patents to make mining greener
Researchers identify R&D strategies for greener tech in the mining sector