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2022.07.29 Research ResultsHumanities & Social SciencesEnvironment & Sustainability
Listening to the people results in a more sustainable future energy system
Energy plan for 2050 based on consumer preferences and future demographics of the US population includes 50% more electricity derived from renewable sources than current projections
2022.07.25 Features
Issue-based and cross-disciplinary education at Kyushu U
Programs at the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation lead the way
2022.07.19 Features
A shared vision for Kyushu University
President Ishibashi and early-career researchers candidly discuss the direction the university should take
2022.06.30 Research ResultsMath & DataTechnology
Breaking AIs to make them better
Researchers investigate ways to make AIs more robust by studying patterns in their answers when faced with the unknown
2022.06.29 Features
The life and lessons of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura—Part 1: “People deserve love, hearts deserve trust”
Students who took part in Kyushu University’s Nakamura Tetsu Memorial Lecture Series discuss lessons they learned from Dr. Nakamura’s life and work
2022.06.29 Features
The life and lessons of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura—Part 2: Stars over a hilltop
Students discuss seven lessons for life they learned from the works of Dr. Nakamura
2022.06.27 Features
Kyushu University’s Vision 2030
In this feature, Prof. Aya Hagishima speaks to President Tatsuro Ishibashi about Kyushu University’s vision
2022.06.22 Research ResultsPhysics & ChemistryTechnology
Sniffing out your identity with breath biometrics
Researchers develop an olfactory sensor for biometric authentication using your breath
2022.06.01 Research ResultsHumanities & Social SciencesLife & Health
Finding the biological roots for pathological social withdrawal, Hikikomori
Researchers identify a number of key biomarkers in Hikikomori patients and show their promise for predicting the severity of the condition
2022.05.27 Features
On the cutting edge: Decarbonization
Research efforts aim for a sustainable society that goes beyond carbon ‘neutral’ to carbon ‘negative’
2022.05.27 Features
On the cutting edge: Environment and food
Kyushu U scientists are taking steps towards a better, brighter, and more livable future
2022.05.27 Features
On the cutting edge: Medicine and health
Advancing the treatment and understanding of the human body
2022.05.20 Research ResultsLife & Health
Uncovering new details of the brain's first line of defense
Researchers report in unprecedented detail how some of the brain's immune cells develop, and how to distinguish them from other cells
2022.03.31 Features
A tale of two classes in the wake of COVID-19
Clarifying the disproportionate economic effect of the pandemic on the poor in Japan
2022.03.18 Research ResultsEnvironment & Sustainability
Visible ocean plastics just the tip of the iceberg
Simulations find the majority of ocean plastics may be on the seafloor or otherwise difficult to monitor, with vastly more plastic waste likely trapped on land