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Yunus & You Social Business Design Contest (YY Contest) 2018 Welcome All Participants and Mentors!


Yunus and Shiiki Social Business Research Center (SBRC) will host the 7th YY Contest 2018. From the previous contests, we have produced some businesses that solve social issues independently and sustainably. The characteristics of this contest are that participants receive mentorship program services and workshops with guests from various fields. Please sign up if you want to start a social business or review your social business.

■ Orientation Meetings: [Tokyo] 15:00, April 14th & [Fukuoka] 15:00, April 15th
■ Application Entry: April 1st – May 12th
■ Announcement of the Selection Results (screening of the entry forms): May 26th
■ Workshops (4 times): [Tokyo and Fukuoka] 10:00 – 18:00
■ June 17th ②July 8th ③July 29th ④September 1st
■ Preliminary Contest for Student Division: [Tokyo] 10:00 – 17:00, September 29th
■ Preliminary Contest for Adult Division: [Tokyo] 10:00 – 17:00, September 30th
■ Grand Champion Contest: Mid-October

<Cost> Free *Participants are required to pay for their own costs for transportation, lunch etc.

<Awards for a Grand Champion Team>
Invitation to the 2018GSBS (including travel expenses and registration fee)/Promotion via Kyushu University SBRC Website/Commemorative gift

<Company Awards> Technical, funding support and others.

<Workshop Contents(tentative)>
Introduction to Yunus Social Business/Importance of your own real experiences/Build a Business Model/Picto Zukai/Lean Startup/Networking/Budget Planning/Presentation Skills/Financing etc.

<Application Guidelines> Please visit our official website

Organizer: Yunus&Shiiki Social Business Research Center
Planning and Management: 2018 YY Contest Executive Committee
Sponsors: Avergence Inc./NTT WEST/SoftBank Corporation/Borderless Japan Corporation/Grow As People Association/mediavague Co., ltd./Asukare Co., ltd./2.5 LLC


Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center (SBRC)
Akiko Fish
TEL: +81-92-642-2744
FAX: +81-92-642-2747
Mail: akikofish★
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