Payment of tuition(The spring semester of 2020)

Release date: 2020.04.07



April  7, 2020

― Payment of tuition ―
(The spring semester of 2020)

Kyushu University

Category Tuition Fee
Undergraduates 267,900 yen

Graduates (excl. Law School)

267,900 yen

Law School Students

402,000 yen
Research Students / Special Students 29,700 yen(per month)
Auditors / Non-Degree Students 14,800 yen(per credit)

◆◆Undergraduate, Graduate and Law School Students◆◆

All undergraduate, graduate, and law school students of Kyushu University are required to pay tuition fees via automatic bank withdrawal. Payments for the 2020 spring semester are due on Monday, April 27, 2020. Payments will be deducted automatically from the bank account that you registered, so please be sure to have the amount equivalent to the tuition fees in your designated account no later than Friday, April 24, 2020.
If you have not registered for the automatic payment yet, please complete it immediately as it takes more than a month to set up.

For those who have applied for tuition exemption and have been granted a deferment of tuition payment, the payment will not be made until the selected applicants are notified.
Tuition for students permitted tuition exemption or eligible to apply for long-term completion of curricula may be different than the amounts listed above.

◆◆Research Students, Special Students, Auditors and Non-Degree Students◆◆

Please transfer tuition to Kyushu University’s bank account or pay tuition at a convenience store using the convenience store transfer request form. (The handling charge for a bank transfer is borne by the University.)
The convenience store transfer request form is only available through Kyushu University, so please ask the student affairs section of each department and faculty about the form.

◆◆◆The deadline for tuition payment for the spring semester ◆◆◆

April 30, 2020 (Thursday)

Payment of tuition cannot be made at the office counters of Kyushu University.


Revenue Section of Accounting Division, Finance Department 
TEL: 092-802-2352

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