Kyushu University Campus Entry-Restrictions

Release date: 2020.04.09



   In response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19, an Emergency Declaration has been issued in Fukuoka, Japan.

   During the implementation of the Emergency Declaration, please refrain from entering campus (exceptions include; University Staff/Faculty/Students/Personal with the University’s consent/knowledge).

   This is a necessary step in an effort to protect the health of our faculty, staff and students here at the University, as well as the community and those who step foot in the University.

   Access to the Kyushu University Hospital and the use of Ito Clinic are excluded from the scope of this notice.

   Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.


National University Corporation Kyushu University


   For more information about the closure of Kyushu University facilities and their statuses please see the information below. (Last updated on May 7)

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