In Response to Lifting of the State of Emergency (Message from the President)

Release date: 2020.05.26


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Dear Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff,

Kyushu University has established an action plan to prevent new cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and is hard at work to prevent further spread of infection.

We apologize for the inconvenience and difficulties throughout these uncertain times. It is with the hard work of health workers fighting on the front lines—as well as the cooperation and understanding of the many members of our University body—that we have been able to avoid the spread of infection on campus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your understanding and utmost cooperation.

As you know, on May 14, 2020, the Government of Japan has lifted its state of emergency in Fukuoka Prefecture and business closure requests. In response to this, on Monday, May 18, we will reduce restrictions from “Level 4: Restrictions (High)” to “Level 3: Restrictions (Medium)” as detailed in the “Kyushu University Guidance for Preventing the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).” Details regarding university guidance are available on the university website.

Kyushu University Guidance:The Next Phase (May 18) 

The lifting of the state of emergency means that you will be able to engage in a wider range of research and administrative activities than Level 4: Restrictions (High), but even so, efforts must still be made to reduce contact with others by continuing to work from home and staggering work hours. For activities both on- and off-campus, please exercise caution to avoid the “3 Cs” and continue to be vigilant against the virus in all aspects of your everyday life.

Classes for the Spring Semester will only be offered online through June 24. But with the lifting of restrictions, it will now be possible to provide in-person research guidance to students nearing the completion of their program if deemed necessary. However, even in such cases, please make sure to take measures to prevent the risk of infection in students, faculty, and staff members alike.

In addition, the university has put together the Kyushu University Emergency Student Support Plan to provide comprehensive aid to students adversely affected by the current crisis to relieve anxiety surrounding their studies. As early as today, we will post an announcement on the Kyushu University website with information on the university's unique Emergency Tuition Fee Exemption and Emergency Student Support Fund. Please check the website and make sure that you complete the necessary application procedures.

Though the state of emergency has been lifted and many restrictions have been relaxed, this does not mean that we can return to life as it was before the pandemic. There is a serious possibility that a second wave will strike, as has been the case in Hokkaido and other countries. To ensure that our combined efforts—and the efforts of health workers on the frontlines—are not wasted, vigilance is required now more than ever.

Further lowering of the University guidance will be determined in accordance with the social climate surrounding infection. Still, as the prime minister laid out in a recent press conference, it is necessary to respond by taking gradual, incremental steps. We may once again have to raise the level of restrictions as the situation continues to develop. New infections may occur on campus, and a state of emergency or business closure request could again be declared in the future. Once again, on behalf of the university, I ask that you continue to limit your movement and refrain from going out to protect the lives of your Kyushu University peers, colleagues, and society at large.


May 18, 2020
Chiharu Kubo
President, Kyushu University

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