Kyushu University Lower Restriction Level for the Start of the Summer Semester(Message from the President)

Release date: 2020.07.02



Dear Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff: 

Since Kyushu University has implemented its university restrictions in April, all of our students, faculty, and staff have been greatly inconvenienced by the restrictions imposed on their movements. Under these circumstances, work and study have been very difficult. Despite the recent lowering of the restriction level and partial relaxation of restrictions, our education, research, and administrative activities have been anything but normal. I want to thank you all for your continued understanding and cooperation during these uncertain times. I also want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the medical professionals at Kyushu University Hospital for their dedication and tireless work on the front lines of this pandemic. Thanks to the cooperation and efforts of each and every member of our university community, we have managed to keep infections from spreading throughout the university community.

 Thursday, June 25, marks the first day of the summer semester. As previously announced, starting today, we are lowering the level of restriction to, "Level 2: Restrictions (Low)” as detailed in the, "Kyushu University Guidance for Preventing the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)." See below for details regarding these restrictions, which are available on the University website at:

 To Students: 

I understand the severe disruption caused by the sudden switch to online-only classes, restrictions on your use of libraries and other on-campus facilities, and the prohibition of extracurricular activities. I am particularly concerned about our new students, who joined Kyushu University full of hope and ambition only a few months ago, yet they have been unable to set foot on campus, let alone meet their peers. Many students may be grappling with feelings of uncertainty and loneliness. Please know that our University has a number of support systems in place to assist students not only with their academics but also their finances and mental well-being. Check the “COVID-19 Updates and Resources” website and the Campusmate Student Portal to ensure that you are aware of all the support at your disposal. 

Throughout the summer semester, classes will continue to be conducted online. However, we plan to expand opportunities for in-person classes and research guidance at the discretion of the deans of each faculty and school. Gradually, more extracurricular activities will be allowed, and more facilities will become available as well.

 To Faculty & Staff Members: 

You have made tremendous efforts to organize online classes, staggering your work hours, work in shifts, telecommuting, and the practice of teleconferencing for meetings. I believe that this emergency presents Kyushu University with a unique opportunity to rethink the management of our University and how we conduct our operations in an effort to align ourselves with the societal changes that are likely to persist long after the coronavirus pandemic ends. I encourage faculty and staff, too, to use this time to consider how best to streamline their workflows. 

As we lower the restriction level, a wide range of restrictions will be eased, and many on-campus activities can resume. However, this is not a return to the, “normal”. We must act with caution as this resumption is neither unconditional nor unlimited. Preventing the spread of infection must remain our first priority for this resumption of education and research activities to work. We ask all members of our university community to carefully read through the university guidelines and related literature as each one of us is responsible for being mindful of our actions. 

Finally, let us not forget that we are also heading into the hottest days of the summer season. Remember to take precautions not just against infections but also against heat strokes. Please be sure to stay hydrated. 

Across Japan, the number of new COVID-19 cases (per day) is now considerably lower than it was at the time when the state of emergency was first declared. Still, new infections continue to occur, including in and around Fukuoka Prefecture. The risk for a second wave of coronavirus remains high. Over the past few months, we have all made great efforts and sacrifices. Let us not waste this monumental effort. Our lives and well-being, and those of our family members and fellow citizens, depend on our continued resolve to restrict our activities and keep the virus from spreading. Let us persevere.


Thank you.

June 25, 2020
Chiharu Kubo
President, Kyushu University

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