【Update】About the approach of Typhoon No.10 (Haishen)

Release date: 2020.09.06


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To Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff
A powerful Typhoon No.10 (Haishen) is advancing northwards toward Amami Oshima Island and southern Kyushu region around night on Sunday, September 6 and is expected to reach the northern part of Kyushu on Monday, September 7.
Japan Meteorological Agency is calling on people to stay on the highest alert in preparation for record-breaking winds, high waves, storm surges, and heavy rain.
After the previous notice on September 4, JR Kyushu announced it will suspend all train services, including the Shinkansen on Monday, September 7. Fukuoka City Subway will be partially suspended on the same day.
There is a risk of falling trees or building collapse on campus and the roads might become gridlocked with traffic.
In line with this, Kyushu University requests all the students, faculty and staff to strictly refrain from commuting unless there are special errands or urgent matters.
For supervisors, managers, laboratory chiefs, please be prepared for an emergency by checking the emergency contact network.
Kyushu University decided to shut down all the facilities, including restaurants and shops (Co-op Ito Harmony House is scheduled to open), libraries, the Kyushu University Museum, Big Orange, Hakata Station Office. 
Please stay up-to-date with the latest warnings and information and avoid going out unless necessary and act to protect your own life. Besides, try to prevent damage in advance by examining your house and securing objects that might get damaged or scattered by the rainstorm and close windows and other openings firmly.
Be sure to check your local hazard map to confirm the location of dangerous areas, evacuation centers and routes near your home.
In addition, always keep yourself updated with the latest evacuation advisories from the local government and evacuate to a safe place immediately when feeling your life is in danger.
Japan Meteorological Agency
Kyushu University Crisis Management Information Page


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