Campus Restrictions: Kyushu University

Release date: 2021.01.19



Kyushu University
January 15, 2021

Campus Restrictions: Kyushu University 

Thank you for your understanding and support regarding changes to the operations of the University.

Several cases of COVID-19 infection have been discovered in Kyushu University amid the COVID-19 pandemic, raising great anxiety and inconvenience to all concerned parties. As new cases continue to be reported all across Japan, the state of emergency issued for Tokyo and the three prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba has now been extended to 11 other prefectures, including Fukuoka.

Under these circumstances, we ask people in the areas where a state of emergency has been declared to refrain from visiting the campuses as much as possible to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health of not only our students, faculty, and staff but also local residents and visitors to our campuses. Please carefully consider the necessity of visits by people outside the university (this excludes students, faculty, and staff, those who work on campus, and contractors designated by the University) and proceed with caution. If, after due consideration, a visit is deemed necessary, we ask that you keep your stay on campus to a minimum and give maximum consideration to infection prevention.

Please note that this does not apply to students visiting campus for the entrance examinations.

 Access to Kyushu University Hospital shall be allowed in accordance with the hospital's action guidelines. Use of Ito Clinic  is not subject to this notice. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For more information about the closure of Kyushu University facilities and their statuses, please see the information below. (Last updated on Februray 9)

Campus facilities status(296 KB)

Off-campus facilities status(229 KB)

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