Regarding classes for the 2021 Academic Year

Release date: 2021.03.23


Notices Important

To All Kyushu University Students,

Kyushu University

During the 2020 academic year, spring and summer classes were primarily held online to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, we were able to reintroduce in-person classes during the fall and winter semesters after taking all possible measures to prevent infection.

Thanks to your cooperation, we have successfully concluded class for the 2020 academic year without any occurrence of COVID-19 clusters in the classroom as a result of in-person classes. Thank you for your diligence throughout the past year.

Kyushu University is unwavering in its stance that the university is a place for students and faculty to come together on campus to conduct educational and research activities. From the AY 2021 onward, we will gradually reintroduce in-person classes based on the precondition that we have measures in place to deal with infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Here we will reiterate the policies announced in the March 5, 2021, update of “The Next Phase of Kyushu University Guidance.”

○     For in-person classes in the 2021 academic year, students will be encouraged to spend at least three days a week on campus for educational and research activities. Courses will be taught using a combination of in-person and remote classes while giving the utmost consideration to preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection. (The specific manner in which classes will be conducted will be determined and announced by each school.)

In principle, first-year KIKAN education courses will be taught in-person to accommodate new undergraduate students, who will require careful guidance and ample opportunities to socialize as they begin their academic careers at Kyushu University.

○     Students can attend online classes on campus if 1) they cannot take part in remote learning from home due to technical difficulties, or 2) they need to be present on campus to attend in-person classes or receive research guidance. (Please confirm with your school regarding methods of course instruction.)


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