Measures taken by Kyushu University to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Release date: 2021.04.09



Though the state of emergency has been lifted, many cases of COVID-19 are still being reported in Fukuoka Prefecture and throughout Japan. And despite the dedication of our frontline health workers, high levels of hospital bed occupancy and new variants and mutations of COVID-19 are of grave concern.  

At the start of AY 2021, we would like to draw attention to the following.

Kyushu University Guidance Level
Current guidance levels are set at “Level 1.5 (Partial Restrictions).” The university will review the guidance levels depending on the state of infection on campus and across Fukuoka Prefecture. 

Based on the measures taken by Kyushu University and the cases of COVID-19 among the university body, courses will be taught using a combination of in-person and remote classes while giving the utmost consideration to preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection. We have revised the  guidance levels in response to the period of infection spread—namely Levels 2 and 3—in line with this policy. Please read through these guidance levels carefully. 

Information About Classes
In principle, courses will be taught using a combination of in-person and remote classes. In-person classes will be conducted with the utmost precaution to prevent the spread of infection.

In principle, first-year KIKAN education courses will be taught in-person to accommodate new undergraduate students, who will require careful guidance and ample opportunities to socialize as they begin their academic careers at Kyushu University.

In addition to students who cannot take part in remote learning from home due to technical difficulties, students can attend remote classes on campus if they have an in-person class either before or after their remote class. (Please confirm how classes in your school will be conducted.) For students with special needs, please consult with  the student affairs section to which you belong.

Contact Information for Each student affairs section

Infection Prevention Measures During Meals
Based on previous cases at the University, it is important to take precautions during meals. Please avoid eating and drinking in large groups or for long periods of time, and refrain from holding welcome or newcomer parties. 

Starting this semester, we have strengthened infection prevention measures for the Student Cafeteria. Please follow cafeteria rules and avoid talking while eating or spending long periods of time in confined spaces. 

“itocon” is a system that provides real-time information on congestion at bus stops, but it also shows congestion levels inside the cafeteria. Please make use of this system on campus, and try to avoid congregating in one place during peak times as much as possible.The system will be available for use for soon. 

Bus-Stop-Cueue Visualization System (itocon)

Student Extracurricular Activities
Under the new circumstances, there will be many more opportunities to meet with people from outside Kyushu University, but we will continue to follow the guidelines and rules set by the University for activities. However, we believe that extracurricular activities can also be an effective tool in forming supportive relationships amid the COVID-19 pandemic. New students should consider reading through the “Extracurricular Activities” page on the Kyushu University website:

Please see the latest guidance levels on the COVID-19 Updates and Resources page.

April 8, 2021
Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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