Memorandum of Understanding signed for a strategic relationship between Kyushu University and Marubeni Corporation

Value creation through industry-academia collaboration

Release date: 2021.04.26



Kyushu University and Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter, “Agreement”) on April 26, 2021, with the aim of creating value through Industry-Academia collaborative projects.

In September 2019, Kyushu University Hospital and Marubeni signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a comprehensive strategic alliance for overseas business development in the medical and healthcare fields. Both parties have been cooperating to create value through joint projects such as the “Doctor to Doctor Telemedicine”* service to overseas hospitals using Kyushu University Hospital’s medical technology, telemedicine know-how and preventive medicine research, as well as providing consultation services to overseas business operators for sharing accurate information regarding COVID-19 and risk reduction methods during operation.

Through the Agreement, Kyushu University and Marubeni will expand the existing framework of “Medical and Healthcare” and add new fields of collaboration such as “New Technologies and Materials,” “Hydrogen, Energy and Environment” and “ICT and Real Estate.” Both parties will mutually utilize their respective human and intellectual resources, facilities, and equipment to promote collaboration and cooperation.

Kyushu University and Marubeni aim to create value through Industry-Academia collaborative projects that contribute to the resolution of social issues beyond collaboration in the academic research field, by stimulating Kyushu University’s academic research and educational activities and strengthening Marubeni’s business capabilities in the partnered fields.

* Doctor-to-Doctor Telemedicine: Medical support for doctors by medical specialists using communication technology. Typical examples include remote image diagnosis and remote pathological diagnosis, which contribute to solving regional medical disparities such as medical depopulation and uneven distribution due to a shortage of medical specialists.

<Industry-Academia Collaborative Fields>

Medical and Healthcare

Doctor-to-Doctor Telemedicine support for overseas hospitals;
Sharing relevant information on infectious diseases for
Japanese people overseas

New Technologies and

Support from Kyushu University in identifying new technologies
and materials, exploring business opportunities, and providing
consulting services

Hydrogen, Energy and

High value-added energy business; Fostering community-based
industries through joint projects in electric power and distributed
power sources; Development of sustainable products and
business; Creation of new businesses from the perspective of
the SDGs

ICT and Real Estate

Joint development and provision of advanced 5G-enabled
remote communication solutions

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