Lift of emergency-level priority measures and updated response policies

Release date: 2021.07.13



Yesterday, the national government finalized the decision to lift the “emergency-level priority measures” in Fukuoka Prefecture on Sunday, July 11. Following this, Kyushu U guidance level will be lowered to "Level 1.5 (Partial Restrictions)." 

≪Major changes≫

  • Research
    Research activities will be allowed on campus with the use of online tools and thorough infection prevention measures.
  • Student Extracurricular Activities
    Students will be allowed to engage in extracurricular activities with the utmost caution for preventing the spread of infection.
  • Travel & Going Out
    Traveling and staying in groups should be judged carefully, including reconsidering the necessity of doing so.
    Avoid using restaurants that do not practice thorough infection control measures.
    Be cautious when making decisions about travel and business trips that cross prefectural borders. (In principle, strictly refrain from traveling to areas under the state of emergency, such as [Tokyo and Okinawa]. Refrain from traveling to areas where the emergency-level priority measures are being taken, such as[Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Osaka].) 

*Regarding the latest Kyushu U Guidance Level 

Although the “emergency-level priority measures” in Fukuoka Prefecture will be lifted, the infection of the novel coronavirus has not yet ended nationwide. In some areas, such as Tokyo, the number of infected people is increasing again. Furthermore, new cases of infection with the highly contagious delta strain have been confirmed also in Fukuoka prefecture, raising concerns about resurgence of COVID-19 infections. We would like to ask all students, faculty and staff to remain vigilant and take all possible measures to prevent infection. 

July 9, 2021
Kyushu University Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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