Application for Tuition Fee Exemption, Fall Semester 2022

Release date: 2022.08.01



Those who wish to apply for the tuition fee exemption for fall semester 2022, please check the Application Guidebook which is on the following URL and apply by the application deadline.

 〔Tuition Fee Exemption for students other than newly-enrolled students〕
<Application period> For Step 1: August 4 – September 8, Step 2: August 4 – September 9

If you applied exemption for annual at the spring semester 2022 and change the application detail(s), you need to submit an application for change. 

The application schedule for those who plan to go on to MA/Ph.D. course from October will be different. Please check the following URL and the enclosed paper with enrollment procedure documents and follow the instructions. 

〔Enrollment Fee Exemption/Deferment and Tuition Fee Exemption for newly-enrolled students〕

※If you are in Japan, it is available to submit your documents by post. Please email the submission counter when you post them.

If you are in overseas and cannot come to Japan because of COVID-19 pandemic, please check the following URL. (


Students’ Payment Exemption Section
Mail: sinseigagmenjyo★
Please replace ★ with @

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