Campus Restrictions and Facilities Status at Kyushu University

Release date: 2021.08.20



August 19, 2021
Kyushu University

Campus Restrictions: Kyushu University 

Thank you for your understanding and support regarding changes to operations at Kyushu University.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and following the government's declaration of a state of emergency in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu University has strengthened its action guidelines and raised the guidance level to “Level 2.5: Restrictions (Middle)” for the period of August 20– September12, 2021.

For this reason, we ask for your help in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health of not only our students, faculty and staff but also local residents and visitors to our campuses. Kyushu University will exercise caution by refraining from accepting visitors from outside of the prefecture.

We will keep the number of non-university-affiliated visitors to a minimum, while taking the utmost care to prevent the spread of infections.

Access to Kyushu University Hospital shall be allowed in accordance with the hospital's action guidelines. Use of Ito Clinic is not subject to this notice.

Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated. (Last updated on September 14)

Campus facilities status(97 KB)

Off-campus facilities status(91 KB)

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