Academic Year 2021 Disaster Training

Release date: 2021.12.09



Academic Year 2021 disaster drill will be held from 10:15 on January 20th (Thursday), so please join this disaster training.

Date and Time

 Thursday, January 20, 2022, 10:15 a.m.~

Drill Information

    1. Shakeout drill for all faculty, staff, and students at Ito Campus
      • The Energy Center will alert those on campus that an earthquake has occurred via a campus-wide broadcast.
      • Each person should take the following three safety actions to protect themselves from earthquakes: ① keep their posture low, ② protect their body and head, and ③ do not move until the shaking stops.

  *Evacuation drills will not be held in order to avoid close contact with others, but the attention of participants will be drawn to the need to confirm the location of emergency exits, fire hydrants, and AED devices.

  1. Safety drill for all faculty, staff, and students
    • In the event of an emergency, ANPIC will send a safety confirmation email to all faculty, staff, and students simultaneously. Recipients will respond from their workplaces, classrooms, or other locations using a PC, smartphone, mobile phone, or other device.

Academic Year 2021 Disaster Training Plan

* Prior to the disaster drill, training using the e-learning system will be conducted for all faculty, staff, and students to help them acquire basic knowledge about disaster response.

  Everyone is  required to take this training.


  1. Please access (Kyushu University Moodle) and log in.

  *SSO-KID and password are required to log in.

Faculty and staff

  1. Please access E-learning system for faculty and staff ( and log in.
  2. Please select “Academic Year 2021 Kyushu University Crisis Management e-learning Training" from "Courses that need to be taken" on the top page.