[Important] Fukuoka Special Corona Alert in effect

Release date: 2022.02.01



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To Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff:

On January 27, Fukuoka Prefecture has shifted from "Fukuoka Corona Alert" to "Fukuoka Special Corona Alert" because the hospital bed occupancy rate in Fukuoka Prefecture has exceeded 30%.
Although there is no change in the restrictions on activities as a result of this change, the declaration of a state of emergency, which is issued when the hospital bed occupancy rate is 50%, is now in sight.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, the daily number of infected people have hit record highs in recent days, and around 10 new cases are being reported every day at Kyushu University. The number of infected people at Kyushu University in January exceeded 200, and many more people are being kept at home as close contacts. Recently, infections within family members have been increasing, further increasing the risk of infection.
We would like to ask students, faculty & staff members to take further measures to prevent infection, including wearing masks before and after eating and drinking, and to eat quietly. 

For the time being, starting January 27th, Fukuoka Prefecture will be conducting epidemiological surveys focusing on elderly facilities and medical institutions in order to ensure and maintain a rapid response and appropriate medical treatment system for those who are likely to become seriously ill. Kyushu U will continue to make efforts to identify those who fall under the category of "close contacts." If there is a possibility of infection or close contact with a person testing positive, please be sure to contact us immediately. Further details will be announced as soon as possible. 

In addition, the rapid increase in the number of newly infected people and close contacts has raised concerns about the maintenance of social functions such as medical institutions and childcare facilities. As we have already announced, Showa Bus will reduce the number of buses from February 1 due to difficulty securing driving crews. They will be running extra buses during the regular exam period. Please pay attention to the changes in the bus schedule. 

*Students: Contact the Student Section of your school or faculty
First-year undergraduates should contact:Academic Student Support Section, Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department.
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*Affiliated department
Faculty and staff: Contact the general affairs section in your department
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※Flow Chart on What to Do If You Have Cold-like Symptoms
To be announced on the Kyushu U website when it is ready.

January 29, 2022
Kyushu University Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters