[Important Notice] Lifting the priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease in all prefectures

Release date: 2022.03.23



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To Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff: 

The day before yesterday, the government decided to terminate all the priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease in Japan as of March 21. However, Fukuoka Prefecture has set the period to April 7 as "Period for Preventing the Re-Spread of Infection" and continues to call for thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 infections.

Kyushu University has confirmed the infection is spreading in some areas, with three new cases of about ten people in the same group reported this week. To prevent a COVID-19 rebound, the University will maintain its current restriction level of "Level 2: Restrictions (Low)" until April 7 while being vigilant as it has been up to now. In particular, there are still many suspected cases of infection triggered by " eating and drinking together " Please observe the following rules regarding dining. In response to the lifting of the priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease, the University will review its action guidelines, including restrictions on Travel & Going Out. 

≪Major restrictions≫

  • Eating and Drinking Together
    ⇒Refrain from eating and drinking in groups on streets or in parks where infection prevention measures are not thoroughly implemented, such as banquets associated with cherry blossom viewing, because the risk of infection is high.
    ⇒When using eating and drinking establishments, choose the ones practicing thorough infection prevention measures, including those with Fukuoka Prefecture’s Infection Prevention Certificate [COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop]).
    ⇒Avoid using restaurants for long periods of time, no more than two hours. Generally, no more than four people can be seated at the same table in a restaurant. If you feel even the slightest bit unwell, please do not participate in eating or drinking, considering the impact on the participants, and consider seeking a doctor. (This includes gatherings with meals at private homes, etc.) 

*Regarding the latest Kyushu U Guidance Level
To be announced on the Kyushu U website when it is ready. 

*Students: Contact the Student Section of your school or faculty
First-year undergraduates should contact:
Academic Student Support Section, Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department.
Contact list

*Affiliated department
Faculty and staff: Contact the general affairs section in your department
Contact List(Only available in Japanese)

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Kyushu University COVID-19 Updates and Resources
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March 19, 2022
Kyushu University Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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