[Important Notice] The Guidance level has been lowered

Release date: 2022.06.06



To Kyushu University Students, Faculty, and Staff:

In accordance with the lift of the “Fukuoka Corona Alert” on June 1, 2022, the guidance level of Kyushu University has been lowered to “1.0 (Partial Restrictions).”

Currently, the number of daily new infections in Fukuoka Prefecture as well as on Kyushu University campuses is gradually declining, but it is still necessary to be careful against the infection. As the summer season is approaching, it is expected to pay enough attention to the heat stroke (especially when wearing a mask), and to maintain basic infection prevention measures for COVID-19.

<Major things to be noted>
○Manners of wearing a mask (based on the government’s policy)
・It is encouraged to wear a mask on the following occasions.
 1.  When having a conversation or being unable to keep distance (ideally 2 meters or longer) from others <Indoors>
 2.  When having a conversation at a short distance <Outdoors>

・Wearing a mask is not a must on the following occasions. Especially outdoors in summer, it is encouraged to remove a mask to prevent heat stroke.

 1.  When being able to keep an appropriate distance and no conversation <Indoors>
 2.  When no conversation or being able to keep an appropriate distance <Outdoors>

・While giving sufficient consideration to preventing the spread of infection, research activities will be conducted as usual.

・While giving sufficient consideration to preventing the spread of infection, in principle, classes will be held face-to-face basis.

 ○Student Extracurricular Activities
・Extracurricular groups will be allowed to conduct each activity after they have been requested to take utmost precaution to prevent the spread of infection. 

○Group meals
・Eating and drinking should be avoided for long periods of time, and when moving from one seat/table to another, distance should be maintained between people.
・In the case of a standing-style group meal, keep an appropriate distance (ideally 2 meters, at least 1 meter) from people and wear a mask when conversing.
・The following restrictions that have been in place are to be lifted.

 1. Restrictions on the time for eating and drinking (up to 2 hours)
 2. Restrictions on movement between tables
 3. Restrictions on the number of people gathering at restaurants that have not been certified as COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop

*For more details regarding the latest Kyushu University’s Guidance for COVID-19, please visit here.

<When tested “positive” or become a “close contact”>

*Students: Contact the Student Section of your school or faculty
First-year undergraduates should contact:
Student Support Section, Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department
Contact list

*Affiliated department
Faculty and staff: Contact the general affairs section in your department
Contact List
(Only available in Japanese)

*Flow Chart on What to Do If You Have Cold-like Symptoms
*Kyushu University COVID-19 Updates and Resources
*Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) advice for the public(Fukuoka Prefecture)
*Coronavirus Contact Confirmation Application (COCOA) 

*COCOA informs users if they may have come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. The users can know as soon as possible if they are at risk of infection and can get quick support from a public health center for scheduling an examination. Usage of this app is highly encouraged.

June 3, 2022
Kyushu University Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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