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Exploring, Calculating, and Drawing the Structure of Form and Movement

Department of Content and Creative Design, Faculty of Design
Professor Reiji Tsuruno

We are researching computer graphics techniques. We are not creating through software operation, but exploring methods for mathematical modeling various real and virtual reality objects and phenomena, then drawing them through calculation. In order to pursue realistic shapes, appearances, movements, and changes, we must seek results calculated through a precise simulation with a theoretical basis. However, since the final result exhibited is an image or film, human impressions of the results are also important. We are also exploring ways to achieve results that have even greater impact and appeal than real life.

Though it is difficult to model the movements and forms of fluids such as water, such modeling is interesting, and therefore often used as a target of study. Because fluids are continuous, we divide them into discrete elements to make calculation easier, working to find an optimal calculation method which balances realism and calculation cost when matched to various phenomena. In addition, we have proposed methods for interactive control. Figure 1 shows water drawn using a particle simulation model in virtual space. A thin water film is generated. Figure 2 shows virtual latte art made with espresso coffee and cream inside a cup. The movement of the cream within the coffee liquid space is simulated in real time.

Fig.1 Dam breaking test with our particle-based thin sheet preserving algorithm.

Fig.2 Virtual Latte-Art with interactive simulation.


Department of Content and Creative Design, Faculty of Design
Professor Reiji Tsuruno

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