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Reward Overview

  Regarding research or industry-academia collaboration, the objective of the reward is to further stimulate research activities and to promote industry-academia collaboration, with Kyushu University as a hub of global research and education, by rewarding faculty and others who make particularly laudable contributions to Kyushu University research and the school’s financial standing, as well as who serve as a model for other members of the school.

Reward Details

  Rewards apply to faculty who, as representative researchers, receive or win as competitive research funding 50 million yen or more, in one business year, of research grants or joint research funds.
  The above research grants or research funding is limited to that which accompanies indirect expenses (shared overall), general administrative expenses, or shared research administrative expenses.
  The recipients of rewards (hereafter, “rewardees”) will be determined by the university President after deliberation by the Board of Trustees, based on the rewardee’s performance for the academic year prior to the year in which the reward ceremony falls.

Timing and Processing of Rewards

  Rewards will be granted on November 1. Rewardees will receive a reward certificate and, in December, the reward amount.

  Grants/Funding Received Reward Amount Notes
(1) 500 million yen or more 1 million yen  
(2) 300-499 million yen 750,000 yen  
(3) 100-299 million yen 500,000 yen  
(4) 50-99 million yen 150,000 yen  
(5) 30-49 million yen Applicable to: Faculty 42 years old or younger

*For Humanities or Social Science research, the amount of 50 million yen in (4) in the table above will change to 15 million yen. The amount of 100 million yen in (3) and (4) will change to 50 million yen.

*For faculty 42 years old or younger (as of March 31 of the year in which the reward ceremony falls), the grant/funding amount will be 30 million yen or more.

List of rewardees

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