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2020.12.24 Research Life & Health
Diseased gums shown to produce Alzheimer’s-related protein fragments
Study provides clues to the mechanism linking periodontitis and Alzheimer's disease
2020.12.24 Research Life & Health
Life arrives at same solution using different molecular approaches
Study shows that two catalysts with the same function essentially employ the same technique despite being based on different molecular species
2020.12.22 Research Life & Health
Barrier ahead? No problem for DNA replication
Study gives new insight into the mechanism underlying maintenance of genome stability in difficult-to-replicate regions
2020.12.17 Research Life & Health
Oh so simple: Eight genes enough to convert mouse stem cells into oocyte-like cells
Surprisingly simple method could provide a new tool for producing specialized cytoplasm for reproductive medicine
2020.12.14 Research Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Viewing cell colony expansion through statistical physics
Study gives new insight into how cell colonies spread
2020.12.10 Research Life & Health
Inflammation and biology’s “ubiquitous” protein
Ubiquitin-decorated ubiquitin-writing immune signaling regulator found to control inflammation
2020.12.03 Research Art & Design Life & Health
Mental health app supports university students
Pilot study of app with user-centered design shows promise as mental health support tool
2020.11.26 Research Art & Design Life & Health
Safe, easy, and rapid measurement of eye lens opacity and transmission
Newly developed system can analyze key properties of the lens without disturbing the eye
2020.11.25 Research Life & Health
New mechanism of pain control revealed
Discovery of a distinct group of astrocytes in the spinal cord overturns thinking on role of descending neurons in pain transmission
2020.11.13 Research Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Specific personality improves odds of identifying depression with blood tests
Study adds new biological understanding to the link between personality and depression
2020.10.28 Research Life & Health
Mysteries hidden in hepatic reprogramming
Researchers get clearer picture of how just two proteins can make fibroblasts convert into liver-like cells
2020.10.14 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Newly discovered beetles get a lift from termites
Scarab beetles found in Myanmar first of the Termitotrox genus reported to be carried by host termites
2020.10.06 Research Life & Health
Sugar more than just sweet to the tongue
Identification of nerve fibers responding specifically to simple sugars helps explain why we can distinguish between artificial sweeteners and the real stuff
2020.09.18 Research Life & Health
Nose’s response to odors more than just a simple sum of parts
Recording of olfactory sensory neurons in mice shows suppression or enhancement of response when odors are mixed
2020.09.08 Research Life & Health
Potential targets found for diagnosing the onset of breast cancer
Breast cancer cells highly produced multiple medium-chain unsaturated fatty acids, which could behave as precursors for specific odorants in cancer patients’ breath
2020.09.04 Research Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Next-generation test for detecting bacterial endotoxin
New advances could help reduce the use of endangered horseshoe crabs for detecting lipopolysaccharide
2020.08.31 Research Life & Health
Incidence of myopic maculopathy much higher among Japanese compared with other Asian people
Study gives new insight into the leading cause of irreversible visual impairment
2020.08.04 Research Life & Health
Novel genetic tools reveal the full picture of immune cells in the central nervous system
New tools will facilitate research into microglia and diseases of the central nervous system
2020.07.31 Research Life & Health
Stay or leave? A tale of two virus strategies revealed by math
Mathematical modeling of behavior observed for two strains of hepatitis C quantifies their preference to either multiply or spread