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2020.07.28 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Coastal beetles may be spanning oceans just by floating themselves across
Study shows that some insects can survive floating on sea water for several weeks
2020.07.21 Research Life & Health
Three new species of mud dragons found in submarine cave in Okinawa, Japan
Discovery of the kinorhynchs reveals more of the hidden—but diverse—world of sand-dwelling microscopic animals
2020.06.19 Research Life & Health
Memory impairment in mice reduced by soy derivate that can enter the brain intact
Ingestion of the protein fragment improved working and long-term memory in mice treated to simulate Alzheimer’s disease
2020.06.17 Research Life & Health
Miniature livers bioengineered from human stem cells able to function in rats
Advances bring lab-grown partial or complete organs for treating liver disease one step closer to reality
2020.04.02 Research Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Revisiting what defines hikikomori as cases rise internationally
2020.03.27 Research Life & Health
When oxygen attacks
Genome-wide screening identifies novel cellular defense mechanisms against toxic and dangerous reactive oxygen species
2020.02.19 Research Life & Health Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Greener chemistry through direct synthesis of key nitrogen-containing compounds
New catalytic synthetic method for ketimines with unprotected nitrogen atoms could simplify synthesis of important bioactive compounds and reduce waste
2020.02.18 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
How plants in the cabbage family look inward when sulfur is scarce
2019.11.05 Research Life & Health
Unleashing immune cells to fight cancer
A possible new path to cancer immunotherapy using non-antibody-type inhibitors found
2019.11.01 Research Life & Health
Trans fats linked to increased risk of dementia
2019.07.29 Research Life & Health Physics & Chemistry Technology
Artificial cells offer route to explore cell processes
2019.07.19 Research Life & Health
Unraveling how local anesthetics numb pain
2019.06.19 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Just discovered, but already endangered? New beetle species found in Japan