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2019.07.29 Research Life & Health Physics & Chemistry Technology
Artificial cells offer route to explore cell processes
2019.07.19 Research Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Atomically precise models improve understanding of fuel cells
2019.05.31 Research Physics & Chemistry Technology
Organic laser diodes move from dream to reality
Thorough characterization demonstrates lasing by direct electrical stimulation of an organic film is possible, KOALA Tech Inc. founded to further develop the technology
2018.09.05 Research Physics & Chemistry Technology
Ultra-high sensitive detection of organic gases using micro-sized gas sensors
2018.07.02 Research Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology Environment & Sustainability
Electron doping improves photocatalytic activity for H2 and O2 evolution
2017.06.23 Research Physics & Chemistry Technology Environment & Sustainability
Developing a Catalyst for Fuel Cells That Use Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide as Fuel
2017.05.10 Research Technology
New organic lasers one step closer to reality
2015.10.23 Research Physics & Chemistry Technology
World first optical mode switch