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2021.10.27 Research Environment & Sustainability
Twenty-four trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean and counting
Researchers publish most detailed dataset to date for assessing the amount of microplastics in the world's oceans and their effects on marine life
2021.10.08 Research Physics & Chemistry Technology Environment & Sustainability
Low-cost, continuous seismic monitoring system to support emission reduction efforts
New system enables closer monitoring of underground activity in geothermal reservoirs and sequestered carbon dioxide for improved safety and efficiency
2021.09.24 Research Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
In the race to reduce car emissions, don't forget longevity
Extending car lifetime and first-owner possession length can reduce overall emissions more than accelerating replacement according to new study
2021.04.06 Research Math & Data Environment & Sustainability
Ushering in a new age of urban energy efficiency with smart buildings
Buildings utilizing artificial intelligence promise to reduce energy consumption through better control and optimization
2021.03.11 Research Technology Environment & Sustainability
Understanding adhesion, one molecule at a time
Researchers observe adhesion of a single polymer chain on a surface in their quest to develop an innovative adhesion technology
2021.03.10 Research Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Air pollutant reductions could enhance global warming without greenhouse gas cuts
Modeling predicts that loss of cooling effect attributed to sulfate aerosols will increase surface air temperature if air pollution and carbon dioxide are not simultaneously reduced
2021.03.05 Research Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Making sense of commotion under the ocean to locate tremors near deep-sea faults
New method for more accurately estimating the location of tectonic tremors in deep ocean faults could help to better understand earthquake rupture processes
2021.01.14 Research Materials Environment & Sustainability
Nanobubbles offer green solution for inhibiting corrosion
Environmentally friendly, low-cost, and easy-to-use nanobubbles shown to mitigate steel corrosion in acidic geothermal water
2020.11.18 Research Technology Environment & Sustainability
Directly capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with membranes
Gas separation membrane systems can enable ubiquitous CO₂ removal from the atmosphere
2020.11.06 Research Materials Technology Environment & Sustainability
Converting body heat to electricity efficiently
Inexpensive, flexible, and non-toxic thermoelectric converters producing high voltages at body temperature achieved
2020.11.02 Research Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
Uncovering COVID-19’s impact on the energy transition
Researchers find lessons from the pandemic that can be applied to reducing emissions and achieving SDGs
2020.10.27 Research Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Formation mechanism of record-breaking rainfall clarified
Numerical simulations reproduce for the first time the convective band that produced record-breaking precipitation in northern Kyushu in July 2017
2020.10.14 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Newly discovered beetles get a lift from termites
Scarab beetles found in Myanmar first of the Termitotrox genus reported to be carried by host termites
2020.10.01 Research Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Particulate plutonium released from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
2020.09.30 Research Environment & Sustainability
Beech tree growth recovered as air pollution levels fell
Reduction in inflow of air pollution from China found to be associated with changes in tree growth on Mt. Tateyama
2020.09.02 Research Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Better evaluating bankability of large-scale offshore wind farms
New wind turbine wake model takes into account effects of wind speed loss region
2020.08.14 Research Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Mars subsurface explored using microtremors
Analysis of weak vibrations shown to be promising for space resource exploration
2020.08.07 Research Environment & Sustainability
Unexpected shift in air pollution explained for regions downwind of China
New research reveals why nitrogen-containing pollutants are increasing downwind despite being reduced at the source
2020.07.28 Research Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Coastal beetles may be spanning oceans just by floating themselves across
Study shows that some insects can survive floating on sea water for several weeks
2020.06.12 Research Physics & Chemistry Materials Environment & Sustainability
Molecular twist makes one catalyst useful for three hydrogen applications
Taking inspiration from enzymes in nature, this new molecule can assist reactions for hydrogen-based energy generation and fuel production along with hydrogenation, giving new insight into enzyme mechanisms