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Kyushu U Logomark

History of the logomark

 The history of the pine tree design as a symbol of Kyushu University dates back to 1949. That same year, the university put out a call for student badge designs, which resulted in 153 ideas from 70 students. A joint student-faculty committee was formed to screen the designs, whereupon the design of Shu Muneyoshi, a third-year undergraduate at the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the School of Agriculture, was selected. The design has been in use since February 10, 1950. Many of the submitted designs shared a pine motif, inspired by the field of pines that stretched from Hakozaki Campus to the university hospital.
 The current logo design is a contemporary redesign of this original logomark. It was registered as a trademark in 2004 and has since been used as the university’s official logomark.

The UI Color ”Kyudai-Wine Red“ and Color Palettes

 The colors associated with a university identity create general impressions and become an instantly recognizable element of an institution. Colors are memorable, and thus are effective when emphasizing specific strengths and distinguishing the brand from other institutions.
 The color used to symbolize Kyushu University is defined as its “UI color.” In addition to the logomark, the UI color can be applied effectively to layouts in order to emphasize the Kyushu University brand.


Pantone (Coated): 235C
Pantone (Uncoated): 235U
CMYK: C35/M100/Y50/K35
RGB: 133, 2, 62
HEX: #85023e
3M Color Sheet: Nocs51-02
Munsell Color Table: 10RP3/12

7 different combinations of logomark and logotype



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