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Kyushu University Hospital Greenpharma Research Center for System Drug Discovery1) Development and Provision of Highly Advanced Medical Technology As the central medical hub of the western Japan region, Kyushu University provides safe and reassuringmedical treatment of a high level that meets the needs of its patients and develops and provides highlyadvanced medical technology.●Development of diagnosis, treatment, and medicine with the aim of overcoming intractable diseases●Promotion of team-medicine, such as comprehensive perioperative support●Promotion of medical-engineering collaboration for the development of advanced medical technology3) Clinical Implementation of Basic Research and Promotion of Academic Research Through clinical research, Kyushu University will strengthen its systems for the promotion of basic andclinical research that work toward the development of world-leading, innovative, medical technologies andmedicine. Furthermore, by promoting high-quality observational studies and translational and clinicalresearch, Kyushu University will tie its promotional systems to the development of leading-edge medicaltechnology.●Promotion of cohort research focused on the “Hisayama Study,” a world-class epidemiological study●Promotion of basic, translational, and clinical research for medical product development with appropriatestrategies for technology “seed” and intellectual property (through the “Academic ResearchOrganization” )●Functional strengthening of the university as a medical technology development hub throughreorganization of medical institutes for the “Joint Use” of Kyushu University2) Fostering of Medical Professionals Capable of Highly Specialized Holistic Treatment In regard to the doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, and radiology technicianswho participate in medical treatment, Kyushu University will foster specialized medical professionals withbroad basic knowledge and the ability to provide holistic treatment.●Practical application and promotion of an international, remote medical education programcentered around the International Medical Division and fostering of medical professionals able to work inan international environment through experience gained in exchanges with overseas universities●Creation of an attractive education program with flow-through articulation from under- to post-graduateeducation●Fostering of inquisitive research-minded medical professionalsCore Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-2020