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1) Realizing our goal of becoming a “Global Hub Campus”* We are working toward the completion of our move from Hakozaki to the Ito Campus in academic year2018, including the physical sciences, social sciences and humanities, and agriculture faculties. Swift stepsare continuing in the third stage of the move and in the sale of now vacated land. Work is proceeding quicklyin creating a smooth and comfortable environment for commuting to the university.●Completion of the move to the Ito Campus●Realization of an academic research-centered city through the construction of a model campus based onthe concept of a future-oriented society and coexistence with the natural environment and respect for ourhistory●Finalizing plans for the use and smooth sale of vacated land at the Hakozaki Campus, with considerationfor model urban development*A world-level university campus, where staff and students actively carry out international exchange and outstanding students andfaculty from around the world come together.2) Development of the Medical, Ohashi, and Chikushi Campuses Kyushu University is working to make the most of the functions and facilities at each of our campuses,creating strategies for modernization and ensuring safety and for developing the basis for becoming aleading integrated university that challenges itself to tackle the issues that will face humankind in the future.●Medical Campus: Creation of a central hub for high-level, leading-edge medical treatment and foreducation and research in the life sciences●Ohashi Campus: Development as a research and education hub for integrated design through the arts,sciences, and technology●Chikushi Campus: Development as a research and education hub for the creation of materials, theenvironment, and an advanced energy-focused society3) Creating an Education, Research, and Medical Treatment Environment Focused on Safety, Peace of Mind, and Comfort Kyushu University will create an environment that insures the vitality of our students and teaching staff,helps them make the most of their abilities and individualism, and encourages the maintenance of a healthybody and mind. Further, we will build a safe campus where everyone is able to devote themselves fully, withpeace of mind, to their education, research, and medical treatment-related activities and will create a spacefor life-long learning that is also open to graduates and local residents.●Development of the Ito clinic●Making full use of cutting-edge information and communication technology to create an advanced cybersecurity, education, and research environment●Enhancement of sports and recreation facilities, extracurricular activity facilities, the transportationnetwork, and lifestyle facilities, etc.●Enhancement of the University Library through the completion of a new central library and improvementof the sciences libraryOhashi Campus Chikushi CampusCore Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-2020