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1) University-wide, Integrated, Internal Reform as an International Research  and Education Hub Kyushu University will promote internal reform harmoniously negotiated through dialog between itsfaculty and students, departments, and the administration, acting as one, based on the “Information ofInstitutional Research” program between the university and individual departments and, by way of aresearch philosophy befitting Kyushu University’s status as one of Japan’s leading universities, throughresponse to and the proposal of answers to social issues and by thorough and consistent self-evaluation of allof the activities of the university.●Internal reform of the university and individual departments based on an educational philosophybefitting its status as a leading Japanese university●Building a centralized Institutional Research system and conducting swift, function-strengtheningreforms throughout the system●Optimization of education and research organizations through review of the graduate school/ facultysystem and the proactive use of this system●Creating structures to constantly ensure quality through the setting of clearly-defined organizational goalsand plans and through the their implementation and evaluation2) Creation of a “Kyushu University Function-Strengthening System”  for Flexible and Optimal Distribution and Redistribution of Resources3) Creation of Thorough Compliance and Crisis Management Systems Kyushu University will distribute resources in a flexible and efficient manner, paying careful attention tothe fact that all of the resources belonging to the university form the financial basis of the university’soperation.●Development of the current system for carrying out university revitalization reforms through theredistribution of faculty members and a new system for carrying out the reforms through the strategicredistribution of university resources●Strengthening of the financial basis through optimization of university internal budget distributionthrough, for example, wide expansion of the president’s discretionary funding allowance●Inspection of and reforms to the personnel and remuneration systems (employee point system, annualsalary system, etc.)●Promotion of increased shared-use facilities and equipment and strategic, efficient use of education andresearch spaces Kyushu University will ensure that education and training is carried out with the highest levels of researchethics and compliance and will ensure that there is university-wide understanding and transparency. We willcreate an organizational crisis management system and prepare for all possible risks.●Prevention of research misconduct or misuse of research funds, ensuring the safety of chemicalsubstances, and education and legal compliance regarding the protection of personal information●Centralized collection of information regarding unforeseeable accidents and incidents, work relatedinjuries, and natural disasters, and the creation of a crisis management system that is able to respondswiftly in a coordinated mannerWest Zone 1・2・3 (Sciences and Engineering Buildings) Bust of first university president Yamakawa Kenjir?Core Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-2020