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1) Regional Revitalization and Cooperation between Industry, Academia,  Government, and the Public2) Attractive and Easy-To-Understand Information about the University3) Building a Network for Shared Growth between Kyushu University and Society Kyushu University will energetically contribute to the creation and development of regional industry bydriving innovation in science and technology and will contribute to regional revitalization through thepromotion of strong cooperation between industry, academia, government, and the public. At the same time,we will make efforts to provide working people in the local community with more opportunities for lifelonglearning.●Expansion of degree programs for adults (masters and doctorate) within the graduate schools●Enhancement and further development of educational programs to foster people who will contribute to ourvision of Kyushu’s future through regional policy making; for example by the creation of internshipprograms with local governments and regional economic entities●Promotion of “open” innovation through cooperation between industry, academia, government, and thepublic and the creation of venture support systems that brings together the university and the localeconomy●Cotribution to the revitalization of the region through the creation and leadership of a network ofuniversities in the Kyushu region Kyushu University will create methods for sharing information in order to make its strengths knowndomestically and internationally and will create systems that enhance its reputation.●Providing a system for information collection and the creation of a close knit relationship with the media●Expansion of the English versions of the university home page/introduction site●Creation of a reputation management system In order to further develop understanding and support for education and research, Kyushu University willwork to increase the number of active Kyushu University supporters, both within and outside the university,and will work to have them share in the development and joys of the university.●Strengthening organizational relationships between Kyushu University supporters and fomenting aculture of donation●Strengthening of career support for students and educational staff●Establishment of a Kyushu University “antenna” office and shop that brings together products born ofuniversity research and university branded productsIto Festival Kyudai,s brandCore Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-2020