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Conducting research at the highest global standard and encouraging innovationACTION PLAN in six yearsCore Policies Detailed InitiativesSecond Third Mid-term Objectives●Establishment of a new undergraduate school in the spring of academicyear 2018 and expansion of undergraduate-level international courses1) Establishment of a NewUndergraduate Schooland Other Reforms toPromote theInternationalization ofEducation2) Insuring the Quality ofEducation3) High School/UniversityArticulation Reforms●Improvement of student and faculty mobility and increased freedom toshape the curriculum for each term through the introduction of a four-termsystem●Establishment of a new oversight group dedicated to improving thequality of education through the reorganization of the university’s internaleducational support organizations●Transition into a graduate school educational program based on theachievements of the Program for Leading Graduate Schools●Insuring the quality of education through the GPA system●Analyzing and developing methods for entrant selection to ensure theacquisition of outstanding students through strengthening the functions ofthe Admission Center●Diversification of the modes of entrant selection through the use of TOEFLand International Baccalaureate scoring, etc.●Reorganizing and strengthening the functions of the social sciences andhumanities and other fields in line with the university’s mission and thearrival of a society with a declining population of 18 year-olds●Enhancement of internationally-focused educational programs through jointdegree and double degree programs●Expansion in the number of Japanese students being sent for study abroadand the acquisition of outstanding foreign exchange students through thestrengthening of the operations of our overseas basesPreparation for establishment Establishment of a new undergraduate schooland expansion of international coursesDiscussions throughcommittee meetings, etc.Enhancement and developmentInspection of outcomes, improvement, and developmentImplementationpreparationTrial testingImplementationIntroduction of four-term systemImplementationReorganizing and functional strengthening of the socialsciences and humanitiesEstablishment and enhancement of a “ManagementDivision for Educational Reform” (tentative name)ImplementationGPA2.0 graduation criteria for students entering 2016 onwardImplementationpreparationDiscussions throughworking groups, etc.Preparations forestablishmentImplementationpreparationFostering global talentFY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021Core Policies Detailed InitiativesSecondFY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021Third Mid-term Objectives●Further development and integration of the research fields that represent thestrengths and special characteristics of Kyushu University (e.g. Energy andAsian Studies) and the advancement of education through the establishment of aResearch and Education Institute1) Promoting OutstandingWorldclass Research2) Strengthening of Supportand Fostering of Interestin Fundamental Research  for the Creation andDevelopment of NewResearch Fields3) Strategic Acquisition ofCompetitive Funding●Promotion of leading-edge, large-scale research projects in the materials andlife sciences fields, etc., as well as the World Premier International ResearchCenter Initiative program in the field of carbon-neutral energy●Fostering of interest in scientific and technological innovation, with a focuson creative thinking●Fostering of outstanding internationally-minded researchers through supportfor innovative and exploratory research●Fostering students and faculty who will become leaders in the fields of dataanalysis and cyber security in this era of big data●Advancement of the diversification and internationalization of the facultythrough the proactive appointment of young, female, and foreign researchers●Revitalization of research activities at each campus through the placement ofa departmental University Research Administrator●Strengthening of the research base through the strategic acquisition ofdiversified competitive funding●Special support for reinvigora ting research in the soci al sciences andhumanities●Synergistic cooperation between the Joint Usage and Research Centers anddevelopment into an international collaborative research hubPreparation forestablishment Establishment and developmentEstablishment ofstructure ImplementationEstablishmentof system ImplementationEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentACTION PLAN in six years