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Kyushu University -A University Continually  At the time of the 100th anniversary of the establishmentof Kyushu University in 2011, we adopted the slogan “Leapinto the World’s Best 100.” With an eye to the next 100years, we plan to improve our status to become one of theworld’s top 100 universities in every field. Our mission is tocontinuously improve by reforming our educational programswhile maintaining educational quality at the highestinternational level and to become a top-level education andresearch hub marked by vitality and a willingness to addressfuture issues. In order to realize our mission, we haveestablished an action plan for the next six years, divided intothree stages of goals and with mid-term project planning. The strengths of Kyushu University, one of the leading comprehensive universities in Japan,include our accomplishments in original and basic academic research in a wide range of fields, basedon the spirit of intellectual inquiry of our researchers. The breadth of our academic research, whilecontributing to creating a more prosperous cultural and social life for humankind, also becomes agenerator for innovation. This has produced many valuable outcomes, with scholars resolutelytackling issues; such as environmental problems, resource management, energy creation, andworking to elucidate the pathology and treatment of intractable diseases; that could not in the pasthave been imagined. We are turning our attention to the innate importance of this type of academicresearch and strengthening systems designed to support its further development . In academic research, the interaction between various fields is a generative force for forging newacademic frontiers. In addition to promoting fields of study divided into specialties, we aim toencourage the integration of academic fields. In fields in which we can expect outstanding world-class academic achievements, we placespecial emphasis on those achievements that support the university goal of becoming a research hubat the highest international level, with an eye to an ever higher level of achievement. We aim toproactively advance cutting-edge research connected to solving the complex issues humankind isfacing today and to propose and implement verification experiments related to new social systems.Since ancient times Kyushu has been the doorstep on which continental civilization has beenreceived. This has fostered a regional culture that is broad-minded in regard to other cultures. The Itocampus was established in an area with a long history of influence by continental civilization and issurrounded by abundant natural beauty, both sea and mountains. In this rich environment, ourstudents can develop a wide worldview through interaction with industry and with people from thelocal community by studying alongside internationally-minded peers and by learning from ouroutstanding educational and research faculty. Through their many experiences, our students grow tobecome leaders, both in their academic fields and in society.Message from the President