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Contributing to the local and international communities through advanced medical careACTION PLAN in six yearsCore Policies Detailed InitiativesSecond Third Mid-term Objectives●Development of diagnosis, treatment, and medicine with the aim ofovercoming intractable diseases1) Development and Provisionof Highly Advanced MedicalTechnology2) Fostering of MedicalProfessionals Capable ofHighly Specialized HolisticTreatment3) Clinical Implementation ofBasic Research andPromotion of AcademicResearch●Promotion of team-medicine, such as comprehensive perioperative support●Promotion of medical-engineering collaboration for the development ofadvanced medical technology●Creation of an attractive education program with flow-through articulationfrom under- to post-graduate education●Fostering of inquisitive research-minded medical professionals●Promotion of cohort research focused on the “Hisayama Study,” aworld-class epidemiological study●Promotion of basic, translational, and clinical research for medical productdevelopment with appropriate strategies for technology “seed” andintellectual property (through the “Academic Research Organization” )●Functional strengthening of the university as a medical technologydevelopment hub through reorganization of medical institutes for the “JointUse” of Kyushu University●Practical application and promotion of an international, remote medicaleducation program centered around the International Medical Division andfostering of medical professionals able to work in an internationalenvironment through experience gained in exchanges with overseasuniversitiesEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentReorganizing and functional strengthening ofmedical institutesEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and development(Nationwide expansion)Enhancement and developmentFull operation ofsupport centerDevelopment and accumulation ofeducational programsDiscussions throughworking groups, etc.Establishment of structure of theinternational medical divisionIncrease in relevant treatment departments andenhancement of center functionsExpansion of program fields and distributiondomestically and internationallyDeveloping an enhanced campus that students, staff, and faculty members can be proud ofACTION PLAN in six yearsCore Policies Detailed InitiativesSecond Third Mid-term Objectives●Completion of the move to the Ito Campus●Realization of an academic research-centered city through the construction of amodel campus based on the concept of a future-oriented society andcoexistence with the natural environment and respect for our history●Finalizing plans for the use and smooth sale of vacated land at the HakozakiCampus, with consideration for model urban development●Medical Campus: Creation of a central hub for high-level, leading-edgemedical treatment and for education and research in the life sciences●Ohashi Campus: Development as a research and education hub for integrateddesign through the arts, sciences, and technology●Chikushi Campus: Development as a research and education hub for thecreation of materials, the environment, and an advanced energy-focusedsociety●Development of the Ito clinic●Making full use of cutting-edge information and communication technologyto create an advanced cyber security, education, and research environment●Enhancement of sports and recreation facilities, extracurricular activityfacilities, the transportation network, and lifestyle facilities, etc.●Enhancement of the University Library through the completion of a newcentral library and improvement of the sciences library1) Realizing our goal ofbecoming a “Global HubCampus”2) Development of theMedical, Ohashi, andChikushi Campuses3) Creating an Education,Research, and MedicalTreatment Environment Focused on Safety, Peaceof Mind, and ComfortDevelopment of sciences, social sciences,humanities, and agricultureEquipping of a new central library andthe sciences libraryEnhancement of functionsEnhancement and developmentFinalizing plans for the use and smooth sale of vacated landEnhancementEnhancementEnhancementPreparation for development Development of the Ito clinicEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentRoad MapFY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021