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Organizational reformACTION PLAN in six yearsCore Policies Detailed InitiativesSecond Third Mid-term Objectives●Internal reform of the university and individual departments based on aneducational philosophy befitting its status as a leading Japanese university●Building a centralized Institutional Research system and conductingswift, function-strengthening reforms throughout the system●Optimization of education and research organizations through review of thegraduate school/ faculty system and the proactive use of this system●Creating structures to constantly ensure quality through the setting ofclearly-defined organizational goals and plans and through the theirimplementation and evaluation●Development of the current system for carrying out university revitalizationreforms through redistribution of faculty members and a new system for carryingout the reforms through the strategic redistribution of university resources●Strengthening of the finan cial basis through optimization of universityinternal budget distribution through, for example, wide expansion of thepresident’s discretionary funding allowance●Inspection of and reforms to the personnel and remuneration sy stems(employee point system, annual salary system, etc.)●Promotion of increased shared-use of facilities and equipment and strategic,efficient use of education and research spaces●Prevention of research misconduct or misuse of research funds, ensuring thesafety of chemical substances, and education and legal compliance regardingthe protection of personal information●Centralized collection of information regarding unforeseeable accidents andincidents, work related injuries, and natural disasters, and the creation of a crisismanagement system that is able to respond swiftly and in a coordinated manner1) University-wide, Integrated,  Internal Reform as an   International Research  and Education Hub2) Creation of a “KyushuUniversityFunction-StrengtheningSystem” for Flexible andOptimal Distribution andRedistribution of Resources3) Creation of ThoroughCompliance and CrisisManagement SystemsBuilding system and applicationEnhancement and developmentOptimization of education and research organizations such as anindependent interdisciplinary educational institutionImplementation of new systems for invigorating university reformsExpansion of the president’s discretionary funding allowanceReforms to the employee point system and annual salary systemPromotion of increased shared-use of facilities and equipmentEnhancement of educational systemEstablishment of systemPreparation forestablishmentConsiderationof reviewConsiderationof reviewInspectionConsiderationof reviewEstablishment Implementationof structureStrategic efficient use ofeducation and research spacesCreation of systems for ensuring consistent quality through, for example,a 5 year evaluation/10 year organizational review systemA university that develops in tandem with societyACTION PLAN in six yearsCore Policies Detailed InitiativesSecond Third Mid-term Objectives●Expansion of degree programs for adults (masters and doctorate) withinthe graduate schools●Enhancement and further development of educational programs to foster peoplewho will contribute to our vision of Kyushu’s future through regional policymaking; for example by the creation of internship programs with localgovernments and regional economic entities●Promotion of “open” innovation through cooperation between industry,academia, government, and the public and the creation of venture supportsystems that brings together the university and the local economy●Cotribution to the revitalization of the region through the creation andleadership of a network of universities in the Kyushu region●Providing a system for information collection and the creation of a close knitrelationship with the media●Expansion of the English versions of the university home page/introductionsite●Creation of a reputation management system●Strengthening organizational relationships between Kyushu Universitysupporters and fomenting a culture of donation●Strengthening of career support for students and educational staff●Establishment of a Kyushu University “antenna” office and shop that bringstogether products born of university research and university brandedproducts1) Regional Revitalization andCooperation betweenIndustry, Academia, Government, and thePublic2) Attractive andEasy-To-UnderstandInformation about theUniversity3) Building a Network forShared Growth betweenKyushu University andSocietyImplementationpreparationPreparation forestablishmentEstablishmentof structureEstablishmentof structureEstablishmentof structureEnhancement of reputation management systemImplementationImplementationEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEnhancement and developmentEstablishment of a Kyushu University “antenna”office and shopStrengthening and enhancement of the functions of theAlumni Association, etc.FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021