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Striving to Tackle the Issues of the Future Science and technology along with the social sciences and humanities support the development ofa vibrant social economy. There is great demand for people who are able to work effectively in thecurrently globalizing social economy, people who have fundamental knowledge that crosses culturalborders and who have the interdisciplinary intellectual skills necessary for advanced problemsolving. Our students develop the disposition and abilities that allow them to identify problems, thento autonomously study and learn in order to solve those problems. They also develop thecommunication skills, including the ability to make practical use of foreign languages, necessary forbuilding good relationships and for cooperation with people with different values and perspectives.Kyushu University has this model of personal development as its goal and works to fosterinternationally-minded, active learners through our KIKAN educational program which isa multi-disciplinary and fundamental tuition system and through a new undergraduate school that arebeing planned and implemented, while also encouraging more students study abroad. The reform of academic research organizations is imperative to the further development of scienceand technology and for fostering global talent. We are actively striving to enhance and expand suchreforms. With the decreasing birthrate and aging population, industry must be promoted and jobs created inorder that our rich culture?which is supported by lively economic activity?grows, develops, andcontinues into the future. Kyushu University, by driving innovation in science and technology,energetically contributes to the creation and development of regional industry. Innovation in scienceand technology in recent years has come to aim at speedy practical and societal implementation viainteraction between industry, academia, government, and the public that goes beyond the boundariesof academic fields. As can be seen in our research into hydrogen energy and social informationinfrastructure, Kyushu University acts as an axis of open innovation and contributes to regionalrevitalization through the advancement of strong cooperation between industry, academia,government, and the public. Our efforts to relocate and develop the Ito Campus, which began in 2005, are proceedingaccording to plan and will be completed by the 2018 academic year. With this future-orientedcampus as its core, Kyushu University is constantly working to advance in a wide variety of areas,primarily in education, research, and health care, and will continue to be a university that iscontinually tackling the important issues of the future.President, Kyushu UniversityChiharu Kubo2015-2020