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Core Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-20201) Promoting Outstanding Worldclass Research2) Strengthening of Support and Fostering of Interest in Fundamental Research for the Creation and Development of New Research Fields3) Strategic Acquisition of Competitive Funding Making the most of its position as one of the leading universities in Japan, Kyushu University engages inoutstanding academic research by, for example, promoting leading-edge/collaborative research focused onthe university’s fields of strength and by promoting research in original and interdisciplinary scholarly areas.●Further development and integration of the research fields that represent the strengths and specialcharacteristics of Kyushu University (e.g. Energy and Asian Studies) and the advancement of educationthrough the establishment of a Research and Education Institute●Promotion of leading-edge, large-scale research projects in the materials and life sciences fields, etc., aswell as the World Premier International Research Center Initiative program in the field of carbon-neutralenergy●Synergistic cooperation between the Joint Usage and Research Centers and development into aninternational collaborative research hub In order to cultivate new research fields, Kyushu University strives to establish an environment thatsupports fundamental research in a wide range of fields, from the natural sciences to the social sciences andhumanities, and supports the diverse expansion of research.●Special support for reinvigorating research in the social sciences and humanities●Fostering of interest in scientific and technological innovation, with a focus on creative thinking●Fostering of outstanding internationally-minded researchers through support for innovative andexploratory research●Advancement of the diversification and internationalization of the faculty through the proactiveappointment of young, female, and foreign researchers●Fostering students and faculty who will become leaders in the fields of data analysis and cyber security inthis era of big data Kyushu University will improve its overall capacity for research by encouraging the revitalization ofresearch activities and organizations and by providing support to researchers by, for example, reforming theorganizational structure to ensure research time for our faculty.●Revitalization of research activities at each campus through the placement of a departmental UniversityResearch Administrator●Strengthening of the research base through the strategic acquisition of diversified competitive fundingInternational Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research and Next-Generation Fuel Cell Research Center