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Open campusWorkshop in Malaysia(Re-inventing Japan Project for universities)1) Establishment of a New Undergraduate School and Other Reforms to  Promote the Internationalization of Education  In an effort to respond to innovations coming from interdisciplinary research that in the future willbecome increasingly advanced along with the globalization of academic research, Kyushu University willestablish educational systems based not on one academic field alone, but rather on multidisciplinaryscientific research.●Establishment of a new undergraduate school in the spring ofacademic year 2018 and expansion of undergraduate-levelinternational courses●Improvement of student and faculty mobility and increased freedomto shape the curriculum for each term through the introduction ofa four-term system●Enhancement of internationally-focused educational programsthrough joint degree and double degree programs●Expansion in the number of Japanese students being sent for studyabroad and the acquisition of outstanding foreign exchange studentsthrough the strengthening of the operations of our overseas bases  With “Kikan” education, which fosters active learners, as the basis, Kyushu University will establish asystematic curriculum that progresses from the undergraduate level to the post-graduate level to developglobal leaders who will contribute to solving the important topics of the future.●Reorganizing and strengthening the functions of the social sciences and humanities and other fieldsin line with the university’s mission and the arrival of a society with a declining population of 18year-olds●Establishment of a new oversight group dedicated to improving the quality of education through thereorganization of the university’s internal educational support organizations●Transition into a graduate school educational program based on the achievements of the Program forLeading Graduate Schools●Insuring the quality of education through the GPA system  In terms of university education, in connection with reforms to the university entrant selection processthat include multi-faceted, holistic evaluations, Kyushu University will create an atmosphere in whichstudents with diverse interests can cultivate their strengths, learn, and grow while taking inspiration fromone another.●Analyzing and developing methods for entrant selection to ensurethe acquisition of outstanding students through strengthening thefunctions of the Admission Center●Diversification of the modes of entrant selection through the use ofTOEFL and International Baccalaureate scoring, etc.2) Insuring the Quality of Education3) High School/University Articulation ReformsCore Policies and Detailed Initiatives 2015-2020